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Concrete Specialists Ltd. specializes in lifting, levelling, and raising concrete. They lift and stabilize everything from driveways, patios, stairs, garage floors, warehouse floors, and building structures. As residential, [...]

  Concrete is an essential building material. It makes up our roadways, bridges, sidewalks, and even the foundation of our homes. Needless to say, the uses of concrete [...]

Various home renovations, interior or exterior, may require concrete removal and disposal services. Often, it is the exterior renovations which require a dependable concrete removal company. These exterior [...]

While concrete is a top choice for driveways in Calgary, you can enhance many areas of your home, indoors and out, with custom concrete work. Concrete is a [...]

When you think about a concrete project, you might think it is strictly functional and necessary. However, installing new concrete around your property can do wonders for aesthetics, [...]

Due to its simple look and malleable form, concrete is a common fixture in residential landscaping. Many homeowners choose concrete to add new spaces, create pathways, fix driveways, [...]

Concrete flooring is a common flooring option for industrial and commercial buildings. It protects the floor from heavy traffic, heavy machinery, spills, and looks good too. Bow River [...]

Having a functional outdoor living space will extend your home’s living space and increase resale value. With the right design, you can create an outdoor space for relaxing, [...]

If you’re renovating or building a commercial building, your concrete contractor will play an integral role in the project. Your buildin’g concrete needs to be strong, durable, and [...]

A concrete driveway could last for years if installed correctly. In Calgary, we have many freeze and thaw cycles each winter. This kind of weather can be hard [...]