Textured vs non-textured drywall ceilings

Ceilings are no longer just a forgotten area in a room or when planning renovations and design changes. Nowadays, ceilings are seeing trends of their own with paint colours, designs, including being textured or smooth. Knowing how you want that fifth wall to look is an important decision when it comes to your home.

Kamber Drywall in Calgary offers professional and high-grade, quality, drywalling services. They share the difference between textured and non-textured ceilings, and which look to choose:

Textured ceilings

Texturing, aside from the visual interest, also offers many other benefits. Larger rooms with expansive ceilings can feel cozier when given a textured addition. It even adds a touch of soundproofing that can be ideal in specific rooms to help dampen noise. Ceiling textures include skip trowel, knockdown, orange peel, and, the most common, popcorn. The downside of having textures is that the look is quickly becoming dated and less popular than smooth ceilings. Popcorn especially is often scraped off for a fresh look to update the feel. Repairs are also generally harder to do since some textured ceiling types can’t just be painted over to hide the damage. The texture needs to be matched and replaced first to fix any damage.

Non-textured ceilings

Smooth ceilings are currently more popular thanks to the sleek, modern feel they add in a room. They also lend a sense of height, making any room feel bigger and taller than it actually is. In a basement, a smooth ceiling is a great way to prevent any sense of confinement or cramping. It is much easier to repair and can be painted just as easily as a wall. While white ceilings are classic, adding colour, either bold or light, is quickly becoming a popular new trend. That said, smooth ceilings show damage such as dents and scrapes much more readily. It involves more work to install properly, so it tends to cost more than a textured ceiling.

Which is right?

Deciding between the two looks comes down a matter of budget, but also the room in question. Smaller rooms won’t benefit from a textured ceiling, which can make them feel even smaller. Large rooms will benefit from texturing as it can help add dimension and interest to the ceiling. Smooth ceilings, as far as cost goes, are more expensive, so the right budget is a factor. That said, if you are renovating your ceiling to sell, consider a smooth finish. As a more popular style, it may appeal to potential buyers more and offer a better ROI as a result.

Once you’ve decided on a look, leave the work to a professional. Ceiling installations can be a complicated process, but a drywall contractor will handle it with ease. Professional help is always a worthwhile investment, especially when installing a ceiling that will last and look great for years.

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

Kamber Drywall proudly provides full-service and quality drywalling for your home. Everything from insulation to texturing, their professionals can help handle. They guarantee that your home’s quality goes up and that you get peace of mind in the appearance of your home.

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