The benefits and considerations of stamped concrete

Concrete on its own is a great addition to your home as it’s a durable and easily customizable material. If you really want to dress it up, then adding a finish or stamp are two ways to do so. Stamped concrete is increasingly becoming a popular choice, and for a good reason. If you’ve never considered it before, then now’s the time.

Concrete Impressions Inc. in Calgary is a professional concrete company that specializes in decorative concrete. They share more about the benefits and considerations of choosing stamped concrete:

Range of customization 

As its name suggests, stamped concrete has a pattern or design “stamped” onto its surface. Stamping can also mimic the look of another material like slate, brick, tile, wood, marble or stone. There’s little limit to the patterns, and there are just as many colours to choose from. It’s a great way to add value or give old concrete a whole new look. Blending different patterns like tile and stone creates great visual appeal and unique finish.

Professional installation

Stamping concrete is a less labour-intensive job than tearing out and installing new concrete. The concrete just needs to be mixed, poured, and then stamped with the pattern. That said, stamped concrete needs a skilled professional to handle and isn’t a DIY job. The concrete mixture needs the right balance of water and powder; otherwise, it risks causing problems. Too dry, and the cement will bulge and crack; too wet and the finish can’t adhere properly to the cement. A professional will guarantee a smooth finish and a quality stamp appearance for a long-lasting investment.

Durability and repairs

Given the right care, concrete can easily last several decades before it needs replacing. Stamped concrete is just as durable but not nearly as much as other styles. It has a higher risk of developing cracks over the years compared to unstamped concrete. Still, there are ways to prevent damage. Professional installation will guarantee the concrete is properly installed and the mixture properly made. It’s also better to avoid stamping concrete on areas with heavy pressure like where you might park your RV. Instead, sidewalks and patios are a good choice where there is lighter foot traffic. Even if minor cracks do appear, they are often hard to see as the cracks blend into the stamped pattern.

Boosts overall curb appeal

Adding visual interest to your property is a sure way to boost curb appeal and make your home stand out. Stamped concrete has many aesthetic designs and colour options that can do just that. Colours can either complement the house to draw attention there or blend into the landscape. The option to mimic materials like marble or natural stone adds that luxury appearance as well.

Concrete Contractors in Calgary

Concrete Impressions brings 15 years of concrete experience to your home to guarantee you get the right look. They strive not just to meet expectations but to exceed them for complete customer satisfaction. They offer decorative concrete as well as concrete breaking, removal, and replacement services.

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