The benefits of updating your kitchen

A good remodel can breathe new life into an old kitchen and introduce new modern elements. In addition to adding value, it also adds a new function, efficiency, and quality that will last for years.

Talee Renovations Inc. in Calgary is a professional renovations company. They share some benefits of updating your kitchen and what changes to include:

New floor adds new value

Next to the counters and cabinets, the floors take up the most visual space in the kitchen. If you have outdated or worn-out-looking floors, now is the chance to update them. More resilient and timeless materials like luxury vinyl, tile or stone add value and are much longer lasting. A sleek stone or tiled kitchen is a sleek modern look that will effortlessly bring your old kitchen into a new one. Pairing those new floors with an elegant, functional countertop will help pull the look together.

Modernize the countertops

Countertops greatly add value and appeal to the kitchen, so don’t overlook them. Outdated kitchens often have tile-and-grout or low-quality vinyl, which doesn’t add much value. Modern countertop materials come with a nearly endless range of options, all with lasting value and function. Some top choices to consider are natural stones such as marble or granite. Both are highly durable, valuable, and stylish materials. Appearance-wise, you can also customize the look with a bright, modern colour or a dark and bolder choice.

Add convenience with new hardware

Updating the hardware may seem like a small change, but it adds value and comfort in its own way. For cabinets and drawers, consider investing in soft close options. These upgrades ensure the doors and drawers close properly and reduce the wear and tear that comes from slamming the doors. Soft closing is also a safer option as you won’t be at risk of pinching any fingers when closing the cabinets.

Modernize the faucets

Similar to upgrading the faucets in your bathrooms, it’s worthwhile updating any kitchen faucets. Low-flow faucets are always worth including as they help cut down water costs. From there, you have endless options with different faucet handles, spouts and necks. Long, elegant arched faucets are a stylish and modern choice. Pot fillers with heads detach, making cooking a breeze and letting you maximize sink and countertop space. 

Kitchen Renovations in Calgary 

Talee Renovations Inc. has built a reputation of trust, quality, and professionalism for every job. In addition to quality kitchen renovations, they also offer home and bathroom renovations. They are transparent in quoting, keep communication open throughout the entire project, and will ensure your needs are met. If you’re ready to invest in your home, Talee Renovations can help you get the best return. 

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