The cost of cabinet refinishing vs replacement

Cabinet Refinishing by New Look Cabinets

A kitchen renovation can be a significant investment. The kitchen cabinets play a major role in how the kitchen looks and functions. They can also be the greatest part of your kitchen renovation budget. Fortunately, when it comes to cabinets, you have some options.

New Look Cabinets and Interiors in Calgary shares information about the cost of cabinet refinishing vs. a complete cabinet replacement:

How much does a cabinet replacement cost?

Replacing your kitchen cabinets can get very expensive. First, your old cabinets need to be taken out and disposed of. Then you can choose between stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, or custom cabinets.

According to this Home Guide, you can expect to pay up to $350 per stock cabinet, up to $600 for semi-custom and well over $500 per standard cabinet or more than $1,200 per linear foot for custom cabinets. For larger kitchens and high-end materials, the cost can increase. Then you must pay for installation, which is a labour-intensive and time-consuming job. If you do the math on custom cabinets, plus adding built-in features and installation fees, you’ll see that it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. For large-scale, luxury kitchen remodels, custom cabinetry can cost well over $100,000.

How much does cabinet refinishing cost?

Cabinet refinishing is a fraction of the cost of a total cabinet replacement. If your current cabinet boxes are in decent shape and you like your kitchen’s layout, cabinet refinishing is a cost-effective option. You can completely change the look by painting the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and cabinet boxes. To complete the look, you can upgrade the doorknobs and drawer pulls too. When a professional like New Look Cabinets does the job, you’ll get a flawless factory finish that looks brand new.

New Look Cabinet’s is transparent with its cabinet refinishing pricing. For smaller kitchens with 15-30 cabinet doors and drawers, the cost is $3,500 to 4,500. However, if you have a large kitchen with many cabinets, you’ll still pay under $10,000 for up to 80 doors and drawers. Plus, they include a colour consultation with a professional designer in all their project prices.

Why choose cabinet refinishing?

Homeowners choose cabinet refinishing because they can achieve beautiful results for much less cost. Cabinet refinishing is not as invasive either and takes far less time to complete than a cabinet replacement. Plus, you aren’t disposing of perfectly good cabinets in a landfill. Instead, you’re refinishing them into something new, modern, functional, and attractive. You’ll love your new kitchen and love the fact that you saved more money than you ever thought you could.

Cabinet Refinishing in Calgary

New Look Cabinets and Interiors is an established and reputable painting company in Calgary. They offer interior and exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, and commercial line painting. Whether you want to refresh your old cabinets, protect your exterior from the harsh elements, or update your interior with a new paint job, they’ll get the job done right.

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