The Cost of Replacing Your Windows

Do I need new windows?

If you’ve noticed a cold draft coming off your windows, it means they are no longer doing their job. Older aluminum slider or wood-framed windows can start to deteriorate over time, can warp and twist and seals can be broken. Plus, they way the window and door industry manufactures energy efficient windows and doors has greatly changed. Installing brand new, energy efficient windows in your home will stop all of that excessive heat loss, which means it will stop your climbing energy bills too.

Benefits of a window replacement.

Replacing all the windows in your home is a big job and it can feel like an expensive one. This type of home improvement is a smart investment that has a good return. Not only will it help you save money on your heating and cooling bills and help you save money over time, it can also boost your curb appeal and your home’s resale value. Checking for new windows and doors is one of the first things a potential buyer will do when investigating your home. This is a bonus should you ever decide to sell.

How much will new windows cost?

ImageThere is a wide range. It depends on many factors like your home’s location, window materials you choose, type of glazing, type of installation, installer experience and so on.

If you want to replace all the windows in your home, expect to pay no less than $10,000. More, obviously, if you have a larger home with more windows. The estimates include the materials, professional installation, disposal of the old windows and a lifetime warranty. Keep in mind, the most accurate estimate can be acquired with an at-home visit from a window installer.

It is always the best idea to have your windows put in by professional window installers. Do it yourself or hiring a handyman to do the job can be risky. Though it might seem like the most affordable option, you want to be sure it is done correctly. Most big window companies arrive with crews to install them, saving you time and giving you peace of mind it was done right.

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