Things to consider about exterior home painting 

Knowing when it’s time to paint the exterior of your home isn’t always an apparent visual tell. Sometimes, there are less obvious tells, or repainting is part of routine maintenance. However, knowing when it’s time and leaving it to a professional will keep your home always looking great. 

Polished Painters in Calgary are a professional painting company. They share more about what you need to know about exterior home painting.

Timelines of when you need to paint can vary

Since every home is different, there’s no set timeline of when to repaint your home’s exterior. Factors like location, the climate, and the material on your home’s exterior will affect that painting timeline. For wood siding, for example, it can last for upwards of four years if it’s stained before needing attention. Cement fiberboard siding, however, requires less attention and can last for 10-15 years before it needs repainting. So, if you notice signs of wear or it’s been a few years since you repainted, call a professional and ask if it’s time to paint.

What affects the paint?

Understanding how the weather can affect your paint job is essential to help maintain or repair it. If your home doesn’t have any cover from the sun, then direct sunlight can fade the paint over time. However, applying a protective paint layer can protect your paint job against any fading. Chips or cracks can also happen over the years, increasing the risk of moisture damage. If you notice cracks, take the time to fix the area or repaint your home. For properties that do have trees or low-hanging branches, always trim them. The branches can scratch or damage the paint or invite pests to cause damage. 

Work with a professional

Working with a professional is the best way to ensure absolute quality and boost your home’s curb appeal. They’ll know what season or weather condition makes the best time to paint (which will affect the paint job!) A professional will also have the right tools and experience to guarantee a flawless result. If any spots need repair, your contractor will handle that before painting to ensure the results last. Down the road, if you need any maintenance or touch-ups, you already have a reliable contractor to call to help out.

Polished Painters in Calgary

Polished Painters prides itself on offering quality painting services for residential and commercial needs. Their experience with spray and cut and roll painting lets them handle any job with a quality touch. If you need help with a touch-up, a whole new look, or some professional advice, their team can help.

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