Things to consider before installing a new fence

Things to consider before installing a new fence in Calgary

Planning on a new fence in your Calgary home?

Before changing the look and feel of your property forever (which is what installing a new fence will do) there are decisions to make.

It definitely pays to do your research. 

That’s easier said than done with so many options available and multiple things to consider before installing a fence – from different materials to height specifications and layouts.

Things should become much clearer if you consider the following before installing your new fence.

Which material to use?

Nobody in Alberta needs the harshness of the elements explained to them. They create some unique challenges when we consider any outdoor changes to our properties.

Climate is, therefore, one of the main factors to consider before installing a fence.

For the Calgary climate, we generally recommend one of the following three options:

Wood fencing – can be with vertical or horizontal slats and usually offers good aesthetic appeal, few problems with neighbours, excellent durability, and good affordability.
Ornamental fencing – can be traditional wrought iron or another material, usually providing excellent strength, durability, and security but at a higher cost than wood.
Vinyl fencing – a popular option because of its great durability, resistance to rot, very low maintenance, and availability of 100% recycled materials.

Despite new options coming on to the market, the most popular option for Calgary homeowners remains wood.

This is because of its versatility and the great balance it can achieve between beauty, security, durability, and affordability. 

The right type of wood can also be relatively low maintenance.

How high should a fence be?

Height is another major thing to consider before installing a new fence.

This may affect various aspects of your property, including:

Security – a higher fence can help you improve the security of your property
Privacy – some people who want privacy in the back yard will lean towards installing a higher fence
Neighbour relations – keeping the neighbors‘ onside’ should be a prime consideration before installing a fence. Too high or the wrong material and it may upset people.

Fence requirements in Calgary

There are some rules and regulations that the City of Calgary residents need to abide by, as set out in the home improvement laws of the city.

Does a fence need planning permission?

A permit is not usually needed when:

In the rear yard, a fence is no higher than 2m (6’-6”)
Inside a corner visibility triangle, it is no higher than 0.75m (2’-6”)
The gate is no higher than 2.5m (8’-2”)

Can you fence in your front yard?

Yes, you can install a fence in the front yard, providing it is no higher than 1.2m (4’-0”).

Your location

As you’ve seen, within the city of Calgary there are restrictions placed on fence height.

If you are based in more rural parts of Alberta, these restrictions do not apply and you will have more freedom.

However, there are also other considerations when installing a fence in more rural areas, such as the effect of wind. Security may be less of a consideration also.

Looking to install a fence in Calgary?

What is your main reason for installing a fence? 

Whether it’s mainly for security, privacy, decoration, or another reason, it’s likely that you’ll need to balance a few factors when making your decision,

Hopefully, the above information has made life a little easier for you.



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