Three great uses for a garage addition

Property owners can use garage space in several ways. For example, you might currently live in a home without a garage. Or, perhaps yours just really needs an upgrade. Either way, an addition or a garage renovation can offer a lot. In Canada, it’s great to have a clean, organized space to protect your car from the elements. However, a great contractor can build you a garage space that can also be used for much more.

In this article, Garage Pros in Grunthal shares a few ideas for building a garage you’ll love to spend time in.


When you build a garage addition on your property, you’ll have a space to house your cars and added storage. However, with the proper planning and a great contractor on your side, you can turn a portion of your garage, or the entire space, into a workshop. Whether it’s for woodworking, mechanics, an art studio or another pursuit, an updated garage makes the perfect space for a workshop. It keeps the mess out of your home. Moreover, you’ll have space for your tools and a place to set up a workshop station.

Garage Pros has over 25 years of experience building garages. As a result, they can help you build a garage addition, or upgrade your current garage, to create the perfect space for your lifestyle.

Home Gym

Building a garage addition for this purpose is an excellent idea if you’ve always wanted a home gym but don’t have the space anywhere else in your home. Your contractor can install specific flooring and add windows to let in the light. A heated garage will also ensure your home gym is usable throughout the winter months. Speak to a trusted garage addition contractor about upgrading or building a garage to help you commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Storage Expansion

The garage is a great place to park vehicles and provide storage. Finding a space to store things  — like bicycles, skateboards, camping equipment, and yard tools — without a garage can be a real challenge. However, you have a solution when you build a garage addition or upgrade to a larger garage. Your contractor can help you design an organized storage space, complete with clever storage solutions tailored to your needs. This way, you’ll have a place to house all you need in a clean and tidy fashion.

Garage Pro has developed a specific process to upgrade and build garage additions. This process includes demolition, ground preparation and concrete work. Next, they move on to framing, electrical, aluminum installation and interior finishing.

Garage Builders in Winnipeg

Garage Pros operates out of Grunthal, Manitoba, but most of their builds are in Winnipeg. With all their garage builds, you will work with one coordinator. In addition, their framer has part ownership in the company, so is fully invested in Garage Pro’s work. Garage Pro also uses an expert overhead door installer, and they provide garage lifting (jacking), floor repair and replacement and more!

Call Garage Pro today to discuss building a new garage or upgrading your current one!

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