The Advantages of Working with Four Elements’ 4E Approach to Renovations

There are many things to consider as you research the best general contractors in Edmonton, including background checks and customer reviews. An important area to consider is each company’s project management process. Different companies will prioritize other aspects of the renovation process. They will also have different communication styles. You want to be sure the company you work with is transparent and highly communicative — and that’s just to start.

In this article, Four Elements Construction Inc. in Edmonton shares more about their 4E construction management philosophy. Major home renovations can be stressful. However, a carefully refined project management process ensures the best experience for their clients from start to finish.


The first component of the Four Elements’ 4E construction management process is Engage. At this stage, it is all about you and Four Elements getting to know each other. This company wants to hear from you. They are interested in discovering precisely what your vision is.

They will also tell you more about Four Elements and their approach to each unique project. In addition, four Elements will share more about their passions and skills so you feel confident about what they can offer you.


In this stage, you will work with Four Elements to develop your project’s scope. So whether you’re doing a kitchen makeover, whole-home renovations, or anything in between, Four Elements will take your renovation dreams and help you create a design.

By the end of the Evolve, you will have a project scope that checks all your boxes. Four Elements will meet your needs and wants while staying within budget. They will accomplish this in a few steps. First, you’ll review the project scope with them. Then they’ll be time to discuss and adjust as needed. Then, you will approve the concept for your dream space and they’ll create your project binder.


This is the building stage of your project. Here, Four Elements will gather the best trades, put together building timelines and obtain permits and approvals. Along the way, Four Elements will prioritize communication with you. This way, there will be no guessing games. Instead, you will know what work is being done when and when each portion of the work will be completed.


In this final stage of the process, you will get to see the results of your vision. Four Elements will walk you through your new space. Then, get ready to be wowed because Four Elements’ goal is always to exceed expectations. If there are service items that they still need to handle, they will take care of them and ensure you’re beyond happy with the final results.

Major Renovations in Edmonton

Four Elements Construction is dedicated to creating beautiful spaces that suit the specific needs of each and every client. They commit to going above and beyond with every single project. This company also operates under a value system that ensures the highest standards and outstanding results. They offer a full range of renovation services, including interior renovations, home additions, basement developments and more.

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