Three Reasons to Choose The Carpenter Edmonton for your Workplace

When you own an office space or a strata building, ensuring you have a commercial contractor on hand is very important. After all, it’s imperative that you take good care of your investment. You also want to ensure anyone who works or lives on your property is safe and has a healthy environment.

In this article, The Carpenter Edmonton Ltd. in Edmonton shares three reasons to choose them for professional commercial construction services and mould removal.


Whether you want to build a new office for your business or own an old building that needs restoration, The Carpenter Edmonton Ltd. is here to help! Their team of qualified professionals will use their expertise to provide only the best in commercial construction services. From drywall to framing and other general contracting services, The Carpenter Edmonton can do it all!

The Carpenter Edmonton Ltd. also offers ground-up construction services. They can design and build a new commercial space for your business. And, as their name suggests, they also provide carpentry and framing carpentry services. If you have questions about these services or others, reach out!

Property maintenance 

Staying on top of maintenance and having on-hand support for your tenants helps keep everything running smoothly. Moreover, when you need renovations, it helps to work with a contractor already familiar with your property. That’s why The Carpenter Edmonton Ltd. offers property maintenance, renovation, and remodelling services for condominiums, strata buildings, and more. They can provide a full range of commercial general contracting services to ensure your buildings are always well-maintained and that you and your tenants remain happy.

Mould Removal

Whether it’s your office building or a tenant’s home, if you suspect mould, you want to take care of this immediately. Mould exposure is known to contribute to a variety of health conditions. Therefore, it is crucial to have professionals test your property. Then, if there is an infestation, they can remove the mould quickly and safely.

Remember, if you suspect you may have mould that covers more than 10 square feet of a building, you’ll need to call a professional to remove it. Only very small infestations are safe to handle yourself. Even then, to ensure the safety of your staff and tenants, give a trusted mould removal company a call! The Carpenter Edmonton Ltd. provides mould testing and removal services for commercial buildings.

Mould Testing and Removal in Edmonton

The Carpenter Edmonton Ltd. has served in the commercial construction industry since 2011. They use a team of skilled professionals to provide various services for commercial building owners and their tenants in Edmonton. This company believes in quality workmanship and extraordinary customer service. As a result, they have earned a reputation as one of the top commercial construction companies in Edmonton. The Carpenter Edmonton Ltd. can help with renovations, additions and remodels, property management services and mould testing and removal.

Give The Carpenter Edmonton Ltd. a call today!

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