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EnviroFog Solutions can help protect your home and family from harmful mould, odour, viruses and bacteria. Their non-toxic, non-invasive mould remediation is an effective solution for homeowners. Their solutions have earned them high praise among customers. Furthermore, their friendly and professional customer service and excellent results are evident in their high online reviews and reputation in Calgary.


1. Company Overview

Company Name:

EnviroFog Solutions

Year Established
Services Offered Mould Inspection, Mould Removal, Demolition Free Mould Remediation, Traditional (Tear Out Method) Mould Remediation, Odour Removal (Cigarette, Pet, Cannabis, Food, etc), Air Quality Testing, VOC Testing, Moisture Testing, Pathogen (Virus and Bacteria) Removal.
Service Areas Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, Edmonton, Red Deer and throughout rural Alberta.
Company Description











Protecting homes and families by providing safe, high-quality indoor air quality!

Sean Payne is the Owner and President of EnviroFog Solutions. After working for over 10 years as a Health and Safety Professional, he came across a technology that eliminates mould and pathogens through a Dry Fog process. In addition, it protects homes and businesses from harmful microorganisms.

Sean Payne is passionate about helping people with mould intolerance, environmental sensitivities and immune deficiencies. He felt I had finally found a way to truly help.

The technology is safe and highly effective in providing clean indoor air quality in family homes, hospitals, daycares, gyms, schools, vet clinics, and even airplanes to disinfect and sterilize for people’s safety.

After learning more about the technology developed initially in the US, he recognized the need to bring this to fellow Canadians with EnviroFog Solutions.

We have all witnessed firsthand how viruses can spread with the Coronavirus pandemic and the importance of disinfecting and sterilizing surfaces. In addition to pathogens, mould is a prevalent issue for many homes and businesses, often requiring expensive demolition and repair and the inability to use that space until remediation is completed.

With their Patented EnviroFog Solutions Treatment, they now have a treatment that can be done in as little as 4 hours with no demolition, and it reaches every surface in a house or commercial location. There’s no need for homeowners or employees to do any prep work, as the solution does not leave behind any wet residue or damaged belongings.

EnviroFog Solutions treats the space while your family is vacated or outside business hours with a two-step process. One that disinfects and the second that provides anti-microbial protection.

Their patented delivery process uses EPA (N List), FDA, and Health Canada-registered disinfectant and cold sterilant, which is hospital-grade strength and will eliminate mould, bacteria and viruses, including Human Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2, MRSA, Parvovirus, Canine Distemper Virus and Influenza.

Their product is 10 times more effective than many wet fogging processes. It guarantees that all surfaces and airborne mould spores will be eliminated and pathogen-free after the treatment.

EnviroFog Solutions is here to help you keep your family, friends, pets, employees and customers safe.

2. Certifications, Awards, & Industry Recognition

Better Business Bureau – A+ rating

Envirofog Solutions is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. In addition, they have a 5-star review average on the site. View Envirofog Solutions’ Better Business Bureau profile.

RenovationFind Certified

RenovationFind Certified – A+ rating
The RenovationFind Certification process screens companies on critical criteria, including legal and credit background, customer complaints, business licensing, insurance, provincial Worker Compensation Coverage, and affiliation with the Better Business Bureau. View Envirofog Solutions’ RenovationFind Profile.

3. Online Reviews – Average: 4.9-Stars


Better Business Bureau


4. Website & Social Media Presence 

Website: https://www.envirofogsolutions.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/envirofogsolutions
 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/envirofog-solutions/
 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/envirofogsolutions/

5. Customer Testimonials

Loved having EnviroFog go through our home. They were super professional, to the point and real problem solvers. It was really hard watching our family get sick from mould, and when we discovered we had mould in our home, we panicked. Most mould remediation professionals recommend that all porous items cannot be cleaned and need to be thrown out. EnviroFog has the technology to clean furniture, carpets, and other areas that mold likes to hide on. This was a great relief for us because it meant we got to keep our furniture. Even our washing machine is in better condition. This was the best thing we did for our family’s health and we would recommend anyone to use Sean at EnviroFog.

– Joanna Andreopoulos

With seasonal allergies and not being able to pinpoint the root cause of the stimuli within our house, we decided, with Sean’s help, to go for the Envirofog Solutions “Dry Fog” application for the whole house to reduce the “mold load” in the house. Sean from Envirofog Solutions was excellent and thorough right from the start in educating about mold, how to prepare, on the day of application and after care instructions. Anyone looking into mould assessment, mitigation or removal should first talk to Sean and see what he will recommend, as he genuinely wants to help you achieve a healthy home. Glad to say that after application we could physically feel the difference in the air and breathe easier. We are happy that such a solution even exists and with Sean’s experience and expertise we now have a home that will not make us feel sick anymore. I will recommend Sean to anyone fighting with environmental allergies and for sure use his services again in future.

– Anurag Jain

After we had our “open to the ground” crawl space insulated , sealed and radon fans /sumps installed, and although no visible mould, I wanted a way to ensure we had no potential invisible, hidden mould or spores in our house living space. I contacted EnviroFog and had an excellent discussion with Sean as to our needs, the dry fog process and a better understanding why to do it. Sean is very knowledgeable of mould, his business of dry fogging and can provide other info for you to assess how to look at mould and how it might impact your life. The pre-inspection and fogging process were both easy and quick for such a huge benefit and completely non-destructive as promised! The post fog test results were complete as per the time promised (returned zero fungal species, nice!). Thank you to Sean for making us smarter wrt to mould and our house and us happy . I highly recommend.

– K Ann Paine

I purchased a 20yr old home, which was going to be my last residence. The main floor had a faint smell of cigarette smoke through out all the rooms. That same smell lingered faintly in the finished basement. The attached garage was the worst….I could not breath as I inspected the garage. The walls were VERY stained, meaning the walls were simply gross from the cigarette smoke. The smell was unbearable. I was referred to EnviroFog Solutions, and had Sean come and look at the situation. Sean was able to take away a lot of my fear, which was that no one would be able to get rid of the heavy smoke. Sean has an easy manner, and I was able to sorta believe (I really wanted to believe) he could clean this mess up. The cigarette smoke, smell, had been in the garage, for a long time and seeping into the house. Hard to believe that it could actually be removed. Sean explained the procedure, and that it would take the best part of a day to “fog” the entire house. I came back the next day, with the results beyond my expectations. There was no evidence of smoke…..none. The whole house had been cleared of cigarette smoke. It now gave me great pleasure to walk thru the house, the garage, allowing me to enjoy a beautiful home without any presence of cigarette smoke. It will take a while to get that image of the garage, out of my head… the walls so stained, and how the stains, had run down the walls as if they were liquid, leaving streaks like water would have done. Thank you Sean, I am truly grateful for a remarkable job….and restoring my home to be enjoyed.

– Lawrence Schultz


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