Tile Flooring is Good for the Environment

Tile flooring is beautiful and timeless in style, incredibly durable, easy to clean and maintain and could improve your home’s resale value. Tile flooring is also one of the most environmentally-friendly flooring options available. Tile & Stone Source in Calgary shares why tile is a green flooring option:

Tile flooring is long lasting.

Flooring options like carpet, laminate or vinyl have to be replaced periodically and that means more flooring products in the landfill. When properly installed tile flooring can last a lifetime and if you maintain it well, you probably will never have to replace your floors while you own that home.

Tile flooring is made of natural materials.

Most types of tile flooring types are made using 100% natural materials like clay, feldspar, quartz, marble or even slate. These materials are naturally occurring and plentiful! Some tile products are made with a percentage of recycled materials too.

Eco-friendly manufacturing.

Many manufactures of tile reuse water and other materials during production processes. They are mindful of the environment and send only necessary scrap to landfills and waste water treatment facilities. You can learn more about the manufacturing process of your favourite tile by contacting a Calgary tile flooring company.

Tile flooring improves air quality.

Calgary tile flooringSome types of flooring can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can contribute to many health issues including irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, headaches, nausea, dizziness and worsening of asthma symptoms. Tile flooring does not contain VOCs. For example, ceramic and porcelain tile is fired in kilns at extremely high temperatures and there are no VOCs in the finished product that can be released into the air in your home. Plus, there are adhesives and groats available that contain low or zero VOCs.

Tile flooring is also a hypoallergenic option. Allergens like dust mites, mold, germs and bacteria that are found in carpet will not accumulate on your tile floors. Dust can be easily vacuumed and swept away, without getting caught into the flooring.

Tile flooring can be cleaned without harmful chemicals.

Ceramic tile flooring is very easy to clean. Just wipe it down with warm water, with or without a gentle detergent. There is no need for chemicals and cleaners that other types of floors require to keep clean. Learn how to clean tile flooring. 

Calgary Flooring Company

Do you know your tile? Tile and Stone Source is committed to helping customers make the most informed decisions on their tile, stone, mosaic and ledgestone selections. Often, shopping for tile can be a confusing, complicated, and frustrating experience. They understand that each client has a unique set of needs, and they aim to create an unrivaled tile shopping experience. For Tile and Stone Source, “Know Your Tile” means creating an enjoyable atmosphere for you, their customer! Everything from their procurement of product, to showroom design, to staff training, to client feedback creates the Tile and Stone Source experience.

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