Tile flooring trends to watch for in 2022

Tile flooring is the perfect way to add some fresh style or new colour to dress up your old floors. Following tile floor trends are a great way to get new ideas and inspiration for your home. From bold patterns and bright colours, these tile trends are sure to inspire.

Euro Tile and Stone in Toronto are an established tile and stone company that can help you choose the perfect tile for your home project. They share some tile flooring trends to consider for your next flooring renovation.

Be creative with size

Tile flooring is often about one specific size or type of layout, but why not mix and match? For example, you can blend different-sized squares, large and small, for a square tile layout. It’ll create a much more interesting final look than one size across the floor. Chevron and herringbone is another popular look but tends to focus on small, narrow planks. So instead, why not go for a bold, large look? It’ll make the design pop all the more and draw attention in a significant way.

Have fun with textures

Wood isn’t the only floor that gets to enjoy the feeling of having a textured surface. Tile flooring has plenty of options to add textures in fun ways. Tile flooring can easily mimic the look and the feel of wood down to the grains and texture.

Adding a textured surface to a style, like a honeycomb, is also a clever way to add a touch of safety. In the shower, a textured flooring won’t be slippery anymore. Textured tiles with bold patterns or a linear look can add depth or even the illusion of length to the room. Check out these texture tile patterns for some inspiration.

Bold colours

Are you planning to have tiles in the bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room? In that case, don’t stick to the normal colours when bold, bright colours are the new look. That can mean either a solid colour for your tiles like an eye-catching yellow or a crazy, colourful pattern. Adding multiple faces to a design, like against herringbone or honeycomb, lets you add complementary colours and a unique look. Just make sure you work with the existing colours in your room of choice. While bold tile flooring can look great, you don’t want to have too many colours in one space.

Tile Flooring in Toronto 

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