Top 4 bathroom renovation tips

Does your bathroom offer a refreshing reprieve from the world? Somewhere where you can relax, reset, and have some “me” time? Or do you dread stepping into your outdated, drab, leaky bathroom? If it’s the latter, a professional renovation can give your ageing bathroom a new life. Bathrooms may be smaller spaces. However, there is still plenty to consider when it comes time to remodel.

Bathroom Brothers in Calgary offer quality luxury bathroom renovations. They share some key tips for your bathroom renovation:

1. Be mindful of the plumbing

Moving pipes is expensive and time-consuming. As a result, it’s best to maintain the same bathroom layout if you can. Otherwise, a large portion of your budget will go towards moving and retrofitting your existing pipes. If moving pipes is necessary, Bathroom Brothers can advise you on the most economical way to do so.

In addition, it’s essential to choose high-quality plumbing materials for your new bathroom. This helps to prevent clogged and burst pipes. It’s also better safe than sorry with plumbing!

2. Lighting makes a big difference

Good lighting is the difference between a welcoming bathroom and a dreary one. Furthermore, lighting impacts the functionality of your bathroom. Properly placing lighting fixtures ensures that you’ll be well-lit as you shave or do your make-up. You can also install dimmer switches to have more control over the room’s brightness.

3. Include adequate storage

The rule of thumb while renovating is more storage is always better. That way, rooms are better able to grow with you and as your needs change. You might need a safe place to store sensitive items and medication out of reach of children. Additionally, if you lack a linen closet elsewhere, there needs to be room in your bathroom.

4. Consider surfaces

Like the rest of your bathroom, the surfaces must be aesthetic and functional. They’re a simple but effective way to make a statement. However, surfaces must also back up their looks with water resistance and durability. Bathrooms are wet places, so the surfaces must be water-resistant or waterproof. It should also be cost-effective if you’re covering the bulk of your bathroom in tile. Learn more about bathroom tile options here.

Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

Bathroom Brothers specialize in luxurious bathroom renovations for Calgary homeowners. Its team is highly experienced and dedicated to producing quality results. You’ll be impressed with their workmanship and excellent customer service! They’re ready to serve you, no matter the size or scope of your remodel.

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