Types of bathrooms renovations to consider

There are many reasons why homeowners renovate their bathrooms, and most renovations guarantee a great ROI. That said, there are just as many ways to renovate, making the whole process a lot harder. If you’re unsure where to start or what to change, having a clear design in mind can help.

CJI Tile & Stone in Calgary is a professional tile installation and bathroom renovations company. They share the different types of bathroom renovations and which is right for your next project:

The cosmetic 

Cosmetic renovations are perfect if you plan to sell, have a strict budget, or just want a new look. A few visual changes here and there and some small upgrades will go a long way in transforming your bathroom. Re-tile the shower wall and turn it into an attractive feature to both look at and use. New paint can help brighten the room, or new light fixtures can add style and better lighting. Even just updating the hardware, such as modern fixtures or new cabinet handles, will go a long way with adding a sense of novelty.

Vanity and sink

One main feature in every bathroom is the vanity and sink combination. They are also one of the most common choices to renovate when tackling a bathroom. Whether changing the style, location, or materials, there are a lot of design options. Floating vanities, for example, give the illusion of more floor space. At the same time, a matching feature sink adds striking visual appeal. For new countertop materials, marble, quartz, or travertine are beautiful and luxurious bathroom choices. Rearranging the location and moving the sink to make more room is also an option, though it will cost more to retrofit the plumbing. Still, it opens up room for a new tub, shower space, or double up on countertop space and enjoying having two sinks.

Bathroom addition

Another popular and very valuable bathroom renovation is the addition of a new one. Just be sure that you choose a new bathroom based on the needs of your home or household. Is the master bedroom lacking in a worthy bathroom? Is there only one bathroom in the house or none in the basement? A new bathroom doesn’t have to mean a full bath either; it may be a powder room, half-bath, or a full addition. However, before choosing a new addition, make sure you have the budget, space, and need for one. If the need isn’t there, but the appeal is, it may be more cost-effective to focus on updating an existing bathroom instead.


If you love your home and know you plan to stay in it, then renovate your bathroom to accommodate those future needs. For seniors, bathrooms can become difficult to maneuver in and even be a safety hazard. The right design and planning, however, will help eliminate these risks. Even simple changes such as raising the toilet seat, installing a grab bar at the tub, or converting to a walk-in shower will make access easier. Opening up the layout for more floor space can help with wheelchair or walker access or more room to safely walk.

Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

CJI Tile & Stone only provide absolute customer satisfaction, no matter the job. Tile is their specialty, but they are just as experienced in full-service renovations, installations, and demolition. Whether residential or commercial, CJI Tile & Stone have the skills and professionals to help. 

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