What Can You Expect From the Bathroom Remodel Process?


Your bathroom is your own personal oasis. Keeping it up to date, modern, and classy pays off. Not only is it great for your home value, but for your senses as well. However, bathroom remodeling is no easy feat.

In Calgary bathroom renovations prices vary. It starts from CAD 2,500 for smaller projects and up to CAD 25,000 for more luxurious ones. Apart from the budget, there is much more to consider.

Have you always wondered about the bathroom remodeling process? Don’t worry; we got you. Here’s everything you need to know about remodeling your bathroom.


Bathroom renovations can last from a day to a couple of weeks. Put your ideas to paper and have a set concept and budget. With a solid plan, creating your dream bathroom will be a breeze. Your interior designer, plumber, and installer will thank you for making their job a lot faster and easier.

Demo Day

On demo day, you can say goodbye to your old, inefficient, and cramped bathroom. Demolishing everything gives you a blank canvas to work with.

Plumbing and Electrical Layout

Replace and install all the necessary pipes and plumbing, but be flexible if you need any further modifications. Having an expert do all the fitting for electrical wires and circuits is crucial. Only choose the top bathroom contractors in Calgary to ensure that your bathroom is safe and efficient.

Blocking and Fitting Safety Features

Calgary bathroom renovations often consider the right blocking for safety and accessibility features. To promote all lifestyles, improving accessibility in Calgary is a priority. If you have people with disabilities in your household, this is a must.


The last thing you want is leaks and water pooling all over your beautiful new bathroom. Cement boards and vapor barriers are good choices for dealing with future moisture. You want to ensure the space inside your walls will remain dry before you close them up and install your tiles.

Painting and Tiling

The right paint job and accent tiles can elevate your bathroom space. It also gives your bathroom a splash of personal pizazz. More so, the right materials protect your bathroom from damage.

Water-proof tiles, grout, and proper high-gloss paint reduce moisture damage. Investing in the right materials will add style and save you from a headache.

Installing Shower Enclosure

Once you finish tiling and painting, it’s time to focus on your shower enclosure. Placing the right shower doors, curtain rods, or tub tracks is crucial to complete the look of your shower renovation. Note that choosing the right style is important to keep the look cohesive and balanced.

Finishing Touches

The last step to the bathroom remodeling process is fitting in a new toilet and exhaust fan. Finally, you can add stylish light fixtures, vanity and sink, and classy hardware. All these combined finish your bathroom’s overall look.

Home Improvement and Calgary Bathroom Renovations

In Calgary bathroom renovations are gaining popularity. If you’ve been hoping to renovate your bathroom, Bathroom Brothers has your back. Contact us today for any questions, quotes, or more information.


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