What’s involved in a post construction cleaning

Renovating your home or building a new one is exciting and rewarding. But, once the work is done, cleaning up all the dust and debris is a critical step. Doing that alone can be exhausting, and you might not have the right tools and expertise. So getting a professional cleaning company to help is essential.

Calgary Trusted Cleaners in Calgary is a professional cleaning company that offers post-construction cleaning services. They share more about what’s involved in a post-construction cleanup and how their team can help.

What is post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning can be broken down into three types of cleaning. The first is the primary cleaning, where any debris and dust that’s settled in is cleaned up. That can also include clearing away leftover materials that might have been left behind post-construction. The next type is a dust cleanup, which typically consists of the whole home. Even rooms that weren’t part of any construction have likely tracked some dust. Excess dust can lower the air quality of your home, which can then affect your health. The final type of cleaning is a deep clean, which is the most detailed. That involves dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and clearing the ventilation system. 

Benefits of professional cleaning 

Given the amount of work involved to clean your home after construction, it’s worth calling in a professional. They’ll have a team who can help scrub and dust your home from floor to ceiling, so you don’t have to lift a finger. The attention to detail is also a crucial part of staying safe, as their team will remove stray nails or construction waste.

The thorough removal of any dust will help boost the air quality and remove any allergens. Complete furnace and duct cleaning on top of a home cleaning guarantee there’s no lingering dust to re-contaminate the space. A professional cleaning team will provide any special cleaning equipment, like HEPA filtered vacuums. 

When do you need post-construction cleaning?

There are several reasons why you might want to call in a professional team to help with post-construction cleaning. Time savings is a key reason, whether it’s for a commercial or residential project. In addition, having a clean and ready to move into space as soon as possible is essential. It lets new clients or employees return to a workplace or allows your family to move into their dream home sooner. It’s also highly cost-efficient to hire a professional. With their thoroughness, time-saving, and efficiency, you’ll save more with their help. Plus, you save yourself from any headaches or stress from the extra work. 

House Cleaning in Calgary

Calgary Trusted Cleaners has dedicated themselves for years to providing high-quality cleaning services. Their team only uses the latest eco-friendly products, the latest technology and equipment. Whether you need post-construction cleaning, residential, or commercial cleanup, their team is just a call away.

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