What’s the difference between a garden suite and laneway house?

People might use the terms interchangeably, but there is a difference between a garden suite and a laneway house in Toronto. Both are types of secondary dwelling units that you can build, if eligible, on your residential property. And both offer numerous benefits, including rental revenue, more affordable and diverse housing options, housing for family members, and increased property value.

The Renovators of Canada (T-ROC) share the difference between laneway homes and garden suites in Toronto.

Laneway House in Toronto

A laneway house, also known as a “coach house” or “alley house,” is a self-contained residential unit typically located in the rear yard of a property facing the laneway. It is a separate dwelling unit that can be detached or attached to the main house or garage. A laneway house in Toronto must have its own access, so only homes with alleyways or corner lots can accommodate one.

Laneway houses have their own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living areas. Builders design laneway homes as full-fledged residential units capable of accommodating individuals or small families. Laneway houses are typically larger than garden suites and can be up to 1,200 square feet, depending on the property size.

Garden Suites in Toronto

A garden suite, also called a “backyard suite,” is a smaller secondary residential unit located on a residential property. Garden suites can be located within or attached to the main house. More commonly, property owners will attach the garden suite to a shed or garage. You’ve probably seen a garden suite as an upper part of a garage, as that is the most common type.

Garden suites in Toronto are generally smaller and may have more modest living space than full-fledged laneway houses. In addition, garden suites are complementary to the main house. Like laneway homes, property owners use garden suites for rental income, multi-generational living, or housing downsizing.

Laneway Home and Garden Suite Builders in Toronto

T-ROC is an experienced and reliable laneway home and garden suite builder in Toronto. They have local knowledge and expertise in understanding building codes and regulations specific to the city. They can guide you through the process, from design, applications and final construction. In addition, they have established relationships with trusted contractors and local suppliers. These relationships ensure the work and products put into your build are top quality.

Whether you want to build a laneway house or garden suite in Toronto, you’re in good hands with T-ROC. If you have the space and would like to invest in your property, a laneway or garden suite is an excellent option.

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