When to install a new fence

A fence is an important feature of any home, as it acts as the framework for curb appeal, gives you a sense of privacy, and many other functions. As the nicer weather approaches, it may be that time of year when your fence may need an upgrade. Here are some ways of knowing when your fence should be replaced from Nivins Contracting Ltd in Edmonton.

When the time of year is right

If you have come to the decision to replace your fence, one the most important factors is the time of year you choose. Installing a new fence in the midst of winter’s wrath is not a great idea. Installing a new fence in the spring or summer is the ideal time of year. Obviously, the conditions are drier and more favourable. As well, the ground will be much easier to dig the posts into if the temperature is warmer.

When the fence is worn, or falling apart

Fences have various lifespans depending on maintenance, materials, and weathering; it can last anywhere from 20-50 years. If your fence is looking a little worse for wear, it may be time to replace it. Sometimes a few sets of panels could be replaced while keeping the rest intact. Different materials pose different amounts of durability, the more durable ones including aluminum, wood, vinyl, iron, and others, making the fence last longer.

A different direction to vamp up any fence is to get it stained or painted a new colour. This can make it appear new, as well as cover up the weathered damages your fence may have.

When the function of the fence changes

Fences can have many different functions. They include privacy and security, reducing wind noise, or keeping pets and children within the home’s boundaries. If your fence isn’t childproof and you want kids playing in the yard, or perhaps you are seeking more privacy, it may be worth your while to replace it. Making your fence safer and fitting to your needs will be work it in the long run.

Fencing Contractors in Edmonton

Nivins Contracting Ltd in Edmonton offers many services to fulfill its customer’s needs. They offer a number of different options, including the choices of nails or screws when building fences, tampered posts using gravel, and staining or painting to add finishes to your fence.

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