Custom storage tips to get the most space out of a small room

Custom closet and storage companies can help you design and create unique storage spaces that help minimize the stress of having an over-cluttered or unorganized space. They are also able to help create custom storage that can make the most of any small space, which if you live in a small condo or have a petite laundry room, can be a major life-saver.

Closets by Design of Greater Vancouver, is one such custom storage company, and they share their tips when it comes to custom storage in small rooms:

Laundry room

Most laundry rooms are built to be fairly spacious to allow enough room to wash and hang clothes, and maybe even fit an ironing board. But modern condos or older homes that convert a space into a laundry room, may only have room for a washer/dryer and not much else. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still create storage for all your laundry room needs.

In a small space such as this, utilizing the walls is the best way to go. Put your ironing board on a wall mounted closet or slide away drawer, and instead of setting up a clothing rod, build a pull-down hanging rack. This way you can use it when you need to and store it out of the way when you don’t. Make the most of corners by adding L-shaped shelves. Find more clever laundry room storage ideas.


Closet spaces are another place where, unless things are properly organized, a chaotic mess can quickly develop. A custom closet can help keep everything organized, and, with the proper design, can make a small closet feel spacious. Making the most of adjustable shelves will optimize both the space and create storage for smaller items such as socks, ties, or jewelry. You can also add undershelf storage by adding shelf baskets that are space conscious. Hanging rods and baskets allow you to store bulky items such as jackets or dresses without losing space.


A pantry is a great place to store canned foods, crackers or spices or keep items not used every day. A pantry also creates extra storage space that will clear up space in your kitchen cabinets and drawers for dishes, or free space for a wine rack. But if you have a smaller pantry, you’ll want to utilize as much of the space as you can, without risking a food avalanche every time you open the door.

Building a Slatwall will create the perfect space to hang chips or spices without taking up space. Sliding drawers are perfect with the depth they offer, while choosing a Lucite front lets you see everything that’s inside.

Closets by Design in Vancouver

Closets by Design specializes in creating custom closet and storage options for any room and any size. Whether it is the laundry, pantry, bedroom, garage and more, they can create a design that is perfect for you. They pride themselves in helping their customers create the perfect storage or closet that utilizes both space and is still visually pleasing.

Contact Closets By Design today for your custom storage solutions!

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