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  Often, we outgrow some of the rooms in our homes. This can be from accumulating things to growing families and changing life situations. If you feel like [...]

Having a cluttered closet or home is more than just a visual headache; it’s also a space and value-minimizing one. Cluttered closets mean each morning starts on a [...]

No matter how you approach a bathroom renovation, the end result must work best for you. Bathrooms are, after all, one of the most frequented rooms in a [...]

Whether you have a built-in closet in the bedroom or wardrobe storage for another room, every room has a closet. But when it comes to maximizing that space and [...]

When talking about closet upgrades in your home, the first thing that comes to mind is typically the bedroom closets. While that’s certainly common, closets and storage also [...]

Finding the right company to work with on a major renovation is vital for a successful process. Contemporary Bath Kitchen and Design Centre offers a full range of [...]

Kitchens always seem to be the place in a home where space is at a premium. You need clever and accessible storage solutions to reduce clutter, store appliances, [...]

Custom storage solutions are necessary for more than just bedroom closets; they are beneficial for all rooms. Having storage solutions in all parts of your home will keep [...]

When it comes to custom closets, there are many different designs and styles available to choose from. You can choose a fully custom design or a standard closet [...]

Having a home office is becoming more of a standard in every home, whether you work from home full-time or some of the time. Part of ensuring good [...]