Why Install an Elevator in Your Home?

Home elevators are typically installed to make a home more accessible for someone with mobility issues or a physical disability. Though this is still true, the concept of having an elevator at home is becoming popular in today’s market among all homeowners. ElPro Elevators & Lifts in Calgary shares some reasons why homeowners choose to install an elevator at home:

Create a safe and accessible home environment.

Though home elevators are trending in Alberta, the number one reason why homeowners have them installed is to increase accessibility for people living in the home that might have mobility issues. Stairs can be difficult and dangerous for seniors and people with disabilities. Having a home elevator will eliminate that risk of falling and injury. Pneumatic vacuum elevators installed by ElPro will make it easy for anyone of any age or ability level to safely operate, making all areas of the home completely accessible and safe. Learn more tips on how to make your home more handicap accessible.

Renovating to age-in-place.

You might not have difficulty going up and down the stairs now, but if you plan on staying in you home well into your golden years, it’s important to prepare for your mobility to decline as you age. Many homeowners are renovating their homes so that they can age in place and stay in their own homes as long as possible. Having a home elevator will allow you to access all areas of your house, regardless of your mobility issues.

Increase property value.

Having a high-quality, stylish elevator in your home will increase its resale value. Because they are obviously not available in most homes, anyone looking to buy a home that is accessible will put your home on the top of their list. Your home elevator can add to the appraisal value of your property and will make it more marketable to a niche market that cannot purchase a home without one. Even if the buyer does not have a mobility issue, they will still be attracted to the convenience and luxury of a residential elevator.

Add style to your home’s interior.

ElPro Elevators & Lifts loves to add aesthetics and style by installing beautifully, well-designed elevators in residential properties. A residential elevator will make a statement about your style, and with the cost of installation becoming less than in the past, many homeowners are choosing to make this functional, luxurious and attractive upgrade to their homes.

Elevator Installation in Calgary

Whether they are installing home elevators or servicing commercial elevators, the certified journeyman elevator mechanics at ElPro Elevators & Lifts are committed to providing outstanding customer service. They do so by offering a warranty that is almost unmatched in the industry, installing only the best products available, and of course putting your satisfaction at the forefront of everything they do.

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