Tailored Living Trims Clutter

Tailored Living Trims Clutter – and Adds Visual Appeal

Written by Rebecca Schneidereit

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a downtown condo or a pastoral acreage. It doesn’t matter if the décor and paint are perfect. It doesn’t matter if it has granite countertops, crystal chandeliers, hardwood floors. If you’re living in the midst of mess, it’s impossible to enjoy your home fully.

Yet there’s no need to tolerate clutter, or to spend leisure time fruitlessly attempting to reduce it. A spotless home can be as simple as proper planning and proper resources — and of course, professional help, which is just what Tailored Living in Winnipeg provides.

Winnipeg’s Tailored Living franchise is a family business, operated by Chris and Vicky Carroll. Chris Carroll established the business in part due to his experiences seeking storage options from a customer’s perspective: “While building a custom home, I saw what it was like to design and implement some of the existing solutions,” he explains. Soon, Carroll realized the potential to provide services and products which exceeded market standards for cost, speed and quality.

Now Tailored Living provides Winnipeg with the organizational proficiency and practical storage systems to keep residences . Their initial no-charge consultations are convenient and straightforward: “We , and discuss their challenges and what they hope to accomplish,” says Carroll. “We leave clients with samples while we measure the space. Then — based on the size of the project — we’ll often design a storage system on the spot for them. ”

The employed by Tailored Living create storage the company’s d’Vinci computer program, which allows not only for the creation of on-the-spot storage prototypes, but for immediate revision .

Of course, referring to Tailored Living’s organizational products simply as “storage” hardly does justice to the “final product”, once installed. Carroll’s description – “like built-in furniture” – is apt; like furniture, the warrantied systems come in a plethora of colours, styles and finishes. “Our ‘premier finish’ is most popular — it looks like custom cabinetry,” notes Carroll. In addition, he adds, the “look” of Tailored Living storage can be customized to existing home décor.

Tailored Living offers numerous PremierGarage products: “PremierGarage has the best cabinets and flooring products out there,” Carroll notes. For example, PremierGarage “hybrid polymer Sika floor blend suitable for residential garage’s uncontrolled environment– an invaluable aid to clients seeking to maintain modern, garage spaces.

Tailored Living’s ability to provide clients with extensive choice facilitates purchasing flexibility. “We can hit any budget,” says Carroll. “I can provide the same design in price categories… people are sometimes favourably surprised at the prices I quote.”

Although Carroll notes that closets, entrances, garages, and workspaces tend to be the most popular choices, Tailored Living’s services may be applied to any area in the house. Their murphy beds, for example, “give you your room back,” says Carroll – whether that’s a bedroom, guestroom, or another room entirely. “They come in different fits and finishes, and can be side- or – mounted – there are lots of options.”

Installation timelines are practical: the process can typically be completed in “a day or two”, Carroll says. And Tailored Living provides numerous services to simplify the installation process for homeowners, from removing former organizational systems to supplying temporary client storage. “We’ll even patch and touch up paint.”

Tailored Living’s services stand to benefit a wide range of property owners, but Chris Carroll emphasizes that there are certain periods during which homeowners may find their services even more valuable. “We’re especially looking to engage people during the design process, just after they’ve taken possession, or during renovations,” he says. At those times, “clients can consult us to get ideas on how to handle their space’s storage” with a minimum of disturbance to their home and its routines.

As Tailored Living grows, Chris Carroll is adamant that their service standards will endure. “I’ll be looking at every job, talking to every customer,” he affirms. Furthermore, he emphasizes, all staff will continue to be trained to the same high standard: “It’s important for everybody to understand how the systems are conceptualized, designed, and installed.” It seems that even the future is organized at Tailored Living – but for Winnipeg residents, the business’s present will likely prove much more exciting.

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As your local Organizational Specialists, Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage is dedicated to bringing Winnipeg and surrounding areas outstanding service and personalized organization solutions to fit your home and lifestyle. Let them help you find the best storage solutions for your home and garage.

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