Day: March 10, 2023

Re-roofing (or roof replacement) is integral to exterior home renovations. A roof replacement can take place alongside other exterior renovations, too. These include siding replacement or replacing all [...]

Blog Submitted by Quality Red Tag Floors Flooring is an essential aspect of any building, as it not only provides a base for daily activities but also adds [...]

Blog Submitted by Quality Red Tag Floors When customers come into our store, they are often frustrated and confused with all the varying opinions and information they have [...]

Choosing a trusted company to handle your roofing is an important decision. A well-installed and maintained roof will last for years and maintain its value. Such a commitment [...]

Blog Submitted by Quality Red Tag Floors Carpet is a popular flooring option for many homeowners due to its warm and cozy feel. It’s known for its softness [...]

Many homeowners with older wood windows think they will eventually need to be replaced. In this case, they also might think their best bet is to replace their [...]

The results of aging or leaking windows can show up in your home in different ways. For example, you may notice drafts, an unusual chill, frost on the [...]