3 Bathroom Renovation Ideas  

Bathroom renovations are popular among homeowners and for good reason. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom, preparing your day and then winding down before bed. You want a bathroom remodel that is comfortable, beautiful and functional. Here are three ideas for your bathroom renovation:

1. Update the bathtub and shower area.

The bathtub and shower are probably going to be the biggest component of your bathroom renovation. Designers having been leaning towards larger showers and even bathtub-to-shower conversions. Picture a beautifully tiled, large shower with a rainforest showerhead and even a built-in shower seat! A shower remodel can modernize your home and give an elegant, attractive bathroom.

If you don’t want to completely convert your tub into a walk-in shower, speak to your contractor about your tile options. Decorative tile instead of an acrylic tub surround can turn a so-so bathroom into something truly amazing. They’ll help you choose a tile that matches the rest of the bathroom’s design and your budget. Find inspiration with these simply chic bathroom tile ideas.

2. Replace your faucets and fixtures with high efficiency versions.

Even if you’re not ready for a full bathroom remodel, replacing your faucets and fixtures can help modernize the space. Choose low-flow faucets for the sink, bathtub and showerhead. You can also purchase a low-flow toilet. Not only will this help you save money on water use each month, these cost-effective faucets and fixtures can give your dated bathroom a mini-facelift.

3. Improve the lighting.

Lighting is very important in the bathroom – both artificial and natural. You should have good task lighting around the vanity to help you get ready in the morning. It’s difficult to put on make up or shave in bad lighting! You also want comfortable ambient lighting for when you’re relaxing in the bathroom.

Natural light can also improve your enjoyment of the space. You might not be able to add or enlarge bathroom windows for privacy reasons, but you do have other options. Consider installing a skylight or a tubular skylight. Tubular skylights require minimal disturbance, can be installed quickly and easily and will bring sunlight into your bathroom. Learn more about these tubular skylights here.

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