How to choose interior paint

If you want to completely upgrade the look and feel of your home, consider an interior paint job. Compared to an entire home remodel, a paint job can save you thousands of dollars and still be effective in upgrading your home. If you’re going to paint, hire the pros at Urban Topcoat Paint & Renovations in Winnipeg. They’ll ensure you get a seamless, perfect finish.

Choosing paint colours can be daunting task for some, but have you considered the actual type of paint itself? Urban Topcoat & Renovations shares some tips for choosing interior paint for your home renovation:

Consider how the painted room going to be used.

If you are painting a bathroom or kitchen that will be subject to more moisture and spills, you want to choose a paint that is washable. A semi-gloss paint is a good choice for these rooms as it is wipeable. Make sure you choose a high-quality paint. Low quality paint can start to come off the wall after many washes.

There are more durable paints than others too. If you think your walls are going to be dinged and dented by your kids and pets, ask Urban Topcoat about your options for a higher quality, durable paint.

Consider the environment and air quality.

Most paints are now low or no VOC. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. Some paints and other construction materials have chemicals in them that have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. This causes them to emit gases into the space. You may have experienced this before with really smelly paint, or after having flooring or countertops installed. Always check that the paint you’re using doesn’t still have VOCs. It’s bad for your health, smells strong and is bad for the environment too.

Remember that high quality paint will make painting easier and faster.

If you’re using a cheap paint, your painters will have to apply multiple coats to get proper coverage. Since you’re paying for their time, you’ll end up paying more for the paint job. Whether you’re DIY painting or hiring a painter, investing in high quality paint is always worth it. You’ll get better coverage with less paint and the job will be fast and efficient. Plus, that paint will last longer. It won’t fade, peel or wipe away like cheap paint.  

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Urban Topcoast & Renovations is a full-service painting company in Winnipeg. They will help with all painting and renovation jobs, big and small, and are there for you when you need them the most! Whether you need an interior or exterior paint job, wall repair, textured ceilings, wall tile installation or your deck stained, they can help.

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