5 Components of Your Roofing System

When you think about needing a new roof, you might just think of shingles. While the shingles play a major role in protecting your home, your roofing system is made up of many parts. Fascia, soffit, gutters and flashing are also part of the system that keeps your home protected and dry.

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Shingles are the biggest part of your roofing system. They are largely responsible for protecting your home from the brunt of bad weather and wetness. If you suspect you have a leak or damaged shingles, call in City Boss Residential Roofing right away. Even a small leak can lead to very expensive water damage. If you don’t have a leak, but noticed your shingles are curling, peeling or missing in places, it’s time for a roof replacement. Read more warning signs you need a new roof.


The fascia is the board that runs along the line of the roof, attached to the end of the trusses. It’s usually made of wood or sheet metal that matches your home’s trim. The fascia is the board that holds your eavestroughs. Without it, your home would look unfinished, as it largely acts as decorative trim. The fascia is also responsible for keeping the outside elements from getting inside of your home. If your fascia is rotting or coming apart form the roof, contact City Boss Residential Roofing for a repair.


Example of soffit attic vents.

When you’re standing against the exterior wall of your house, look up. That flat board attached under the eave of your roof is the soffit. It’s attached to the fascia and rafters. Soffit will have vents in them to help the air flow more freely into the attic. This ventilation also helps draw moisture and heat out of the attic. Without soffit vents, moisture build up could cause water damage and even attic rain in the winter.


Did you know that your eavestroughs are key to preventing flooding in your basement? Your gutters collect and drain water from snow and rain, off your roof and away from your house. If they didn’t exist, or if they were damaged, water would just pool around the foundation of your home. The ground and your foundation could only take so much saturation, inevitably ending with a flood in the basement. Keep an eye on your eavestroughs. Make sure they’re attached and that your downspouts are leading water away about 10 feet from the house.


Flashing is there to protect the areas of your roof that are more vulnerable to water penetration. You’ll find it installed in the valleys and edges of the roof. Flashing is also installed around skylights, vents and chimneys for extra protection. Unfortunately, flashing will deteriorate over time. It oxidizes, is battered by the weather or comes loose. If you see that your flashing is loose or damaged, call City Boss Residential Roofing for an inspection and repair.

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If you need a roof repair or replacement, contact City Boss Residential Roofing.


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