5 Home Electrical Safety Hazards

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Your home’s electrical could present a hazardous situation and any issues or electrical work should be handled by a professional electrician. BMW Electric in Winnipeg shares 5 home electrical safety hazards to watch out for.

Lights that flicker or trip the circuit breaker.

If you have lights that always flicker you could have a wire splice coming lose or a light fixture that is worn out and needs to be replaced. Before you investigate further, be sure to cut power to that fixture and take a look at the fixture itself as well as the wiring supplying it power. If you are unsure of how to replace the wire connectors, contact an electrician to do the job safely and properly for you.

The breaker trips right after it’s reset.

If your breaker trips, you might have been overloading the circuit. Removing some appliances or tools from that circuit could do the trick. If you reset it and it trips immediately after before you do anything else, you could have an electrical problem. It could be something wrong with the breaker itself or you could be too large of an electrical load running on that circuit. Contact a professional electrician. If you keep pressing your breaker it could cause a fire.

Loose outlet receptacles and/or switches.

If your switches or outlets wiggle or feel loose, it could mean it is poorly mounted to the electrical box. Sometimes the box itself has become loose. This fix is easy. First, cut the power to that switch or outlet, remove the faceplate and tighten the mounting screws. You might have to drill in new screws if necessary.

Outlet faceplates feel warm to the touch.

If your outlet faceplate feels hot it means that the electrical load running to the outlet is too much. It can also mean undersized wiring or loose wiring is attached. All of these issues could potentially start a fire. You should contact BMW Electric immediately to inspect and repair the problem.

GFCI outlets trip repeatedly.

A GFCI outlet is a ground fault circuit interrupter that shuts off an electric power circuit when it detects that the electrical current is flowing along an unintended path – like a person or water instead of the appliance it’s intended to flow into. If you have one that keeps tripping it means it has a ground fault or it is worn out. You should move the appliance that’s plugged into it to another GFCI and test it. If it trips again it’s probably a problem with the appliance. If not, you have an electrical problem. Cut the power and look for a loose splice or damaged wire. If you can see anything, try replacing the outlet and if that still doesn’t work contact the professionals.

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