5 Lighting Hacks That Will Fancy Up Your Entryway

While most homeowners work hard to make their house look great during the daytime Mother Nature – in the form of cloudy, rainy or otherwise dreary days – often undermines their efforts. The fact is if you really want to exert influence over the way your Toronto home looks the night time provides you the greatest number of opportunities to do that. Night time is the great equalizer and lighting is your most effective method for affecting the way passers-by, as well as guests, perceive your home. No part of your home is more important in making a first impression than the entryway. So below we’re going to look at 5 hacks you can apply to your entryway that will really make it sing.


Entryway Hacks That Light up The Night


Your entryway is where your home meets the outside world, where guests formulate their first impression and where you have a chance to make that impression one that will stick for all the right reasons. Below we’ll look at some hacks that will provide you a shortcut to those “Wows!” we all want to hear.


  1. Flush mounted fixtures – Some entryways are set back with lots of covered porchway between the stairs and the door. Others, however, are a bit spatially challenged. Enhancing those tight spaces with light isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you employ flush mounted fixtures to each side of the door and/or perhaps a flush mounted ceiling fixture above the door you can lively up a cramped doorway. The effect will be to project a sense of luxury and glamour you might have thought just wasn’t possible. Read more Toronto Electrician Dream Home Lighting Guide


  1. A big fancy pendant – As we just mentioned some entryways are overflowing with space. Yet many of these roomy entrances are underutilized. Because the lighting is often ignored, leaving the doorway in the dark, the entryway becomes little more than a visual afterthought. You can go a long way toward rescuing your main entrance from the slag heap of domestic design by installing a big fancy pendant light over it. This type of fixture enables you to create a one of a kind focal point for your home’s exterior that will woo those passing by as surely as it will impress those strolling up your walkway toward the front door for your holiday party.


  1. Wall mounted lanterns – The lantern-style light has a long history and brings with it certain unmistakable associations. Installing a wall mounted lantern on each side of the front door will imbue the scene with a lofty vibe that’s free of pretension but full of hominess and warmth. Partnering these lanterns with a lantern-style pendant can really turn your entryway into something extraordinary. If you want to complete the colonial vibe place a couple of pole mounted lanterns at the beginning of the walkway leading up to the house. Guests will think they’ve arrived at Monticello rather than your humble abode.


  1. Post lights – Speaking of pole mounted lights… If you really want to add a touch of the theatrical to your home exterior try placing some post lights along the driveway, walkways and perhaps the periphery of the property itself. Your style choices are almost limitless and they won’t set you back an arm and a leg. What they will do is transform your property into the showcase of the neighbourhood and make your neighbours green with envy. Which is half the fun of any home improvement project.


  1. A Tiffany lamp just inside the door – Now that you’ve blown away your guests with your exterior lighting hacks and made them realize they just aren’t trying hard enough with their own main entrance you can deliver the knockout blow by placing a Tiffany lamp – or one of its precursors the Turkish mosaic lamp – on a table just inside the door. The sense of civility and calm this simple touch will provide will be enough to make visitors quietly wonder how much you paid for the interior designer who suggested this endearing feature. You, of course, picked up the idea here for free. But no one has to know that.


Your local Toronto Electrical Contractors will be happy to discuss exterior and interior lighting options with you. Contact them today and get the ball rolling.


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