6 advantages of floating ceilings


A floating ceiling can be a great upgrade to your new home build or remodel. It’s quick and easy to install, looks great, and has various other benefits.

TDC Drywall in Vancouver offers high end drywall boarding and finishing services and is the only contractor in BC that offers floating ceilings. Here are some of the benefits this technique provides:

1. Easy solution for an uneven ceiling

If your ceiling is uneven, installing a floating ceiling is a simple fix. In fact, TDC Drywall Inc. has installed floating ceilings on structures that are slanted by as much as five inches; the pictures above show an extreme example of such a situation. The only requirement is that the floating ceiling is installed on a wood substrate. So, if you have a situation that seems hopeless, TDC Drywall Inc. can offer the solution!

2. Allows you to customize the ceiling height

The versatility of the system allows you to drop the ceiling below its low point to suit a specific interior design or unique feature, such as decorative reveals at the top of the walls or when the design calls for the drywall to butt into the window frames. Needless to say, maximum height is limited by the low point of the ceiling, however, if you’re worried the new ceiling will be too low, don’t be. The technique uses readily available steel stock which minimizes loss of headroom. In fact, headroom loss can be as little as half an inch (as measured from the low point, of course).

3. Install kitchen and bathroom cabinets to the ceiling

Cabinets that go up to the ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom have many benefits. You can maximize the use of that otherwise dead space, increase storage, and it looks fresh and modern. A perfectly flat and level ceiling eliminates gaps which makes mouldings unnecessary, or alternatively, you can have a perfect reveal against the ceiling. Tiles and millwork that butt into the ceilings also benefit from the inherent flatness of floating ceilings.

4. Quick to install

Floating ceilings are also fast to install, meaning you’ll spend less on labour. Professionals can install about 700 to 800 square feet of steel a day. Installation time will depend on the height of your ceiling, area size, and shape. Additionally, no imperfections need to be filled because the ceiling is already perfectly flat. The only thing workers have to do is tape and finish like any other drywalled ceiling.

Floating ceilings offer what is virtually impossible in terms of accuracy and installation speed by shims or any other method.

5. Doesn’t interfere with other components

A floating ceiling won’t interfere with insulation or vapour barriers and adds virtually no weight to the structure. You can also pick the direction you wish to run the drywall sheets, which can eliminate butt joints. A ceiling can be floated below an existing drywalled, panelled or plastered ceiling and in all cases, it can bypass and hide joist hangers, brackets, old pipes and wiring, etc.

6. No more screw pops!

Drywall fastened to steel substrates does not suffer from screw pops which are very unsightly.

Drywall Contractors in Vancouver

TDC Drywall Inc. specializes in all things drywall. They have decades of experience providing excellent workmanship and customer service to homeowners. Furthermore, they use the latest materials and techniques to ensure the highest quality results. They offer precise boarding, taping, and floating ceiling installation. They guarantee to complete your drywall project on time.

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