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During the planning and decision-making of a renovation, it’s easy to forget about the 5th wall in your home. The ceiling often gets ignored or left with a simple white paint job, and that’s it. While functional, there are many other options and ways to approach a ceiling renovation.

Stampede Drywall Ltd. in Calgary is a professional drywall contractor company. They share what you need to know about doing a ceiling renovation:

Helps with soundproofing

When you want to reduce noise or improve acoustics in your home, the ceiling is a great place to start. Rooms like a playroom, hobby room, or even a basement will benefit from a quieter space. Ceiling renovations can help do just that with either a false ceiling or a lath and plaster method.

False ceilings are fitted ceilings that hang just below the actual one. They help create the illusion of a lower ceiling and are also well insulated and excellent for soundproofing. Lath and plaster is another method used on traditional ceilings. The material alone is great for dampening noises, and the flexible material can be used to create customized designs.

Creative design

Why stick with a plain white ceiling with a generic appearance when you can spruce it up and add visual appeal? If your ceiling is an old popcorn ceiling, it’s a great time to make a change. Popcorn ceilings tend to collect more dust and dirt, and the design of the pattern makes the room feel smaller. It’s also hard to clean and maintain compared to other ceilings. Knock-down ceilings, however, are much more appealing. The pattern creates a stuccoed appearance and is one of the most common textures. It’s a great way to add depth and visual interest to a room, and it helps hide any blemishes.

A cove cornice steppe is a way to go for a touch of luxury or old classic appeal. This decorative crown moulding creates a clean-cut design that protects the ceiling and adds interest. Some can even be paired with ceiling lights to really add that dramatic flair to your home. Find inspiration with these ceiling design ideas.

Consider the cost

Remember that ceiling renovations can be expensive and aren’t meant to be a DIY project. The old ceiling pattern will need to be removed, surface prepared, and then the new ceiling installed. If you create a custom look, extra work and time will be involved. Then, in most cases, the new ceiling will require painting or finishing to complete the look. That said, a well-handled ceiling renovation will add lasting value and appeal to your home or room. Working with a skilled contractor will also ensure the job is handled professionally and with the best quality materials and results. Your new ceiling can help open up the space while drastically improving the look and feel of the room.

Drywall Contractors in Calgary

Stampede Drywall offers a full range of residential and commercial drywall services. They pride themselves on creating the “wow” factor for any project they work on. Their specialties include lath and plaster, cove cornice steppe, knock down, and level 5 custom ceiling and wall finishes. When it comes to restoring your home to its full glory, you can count on their team.

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