Are You Facing a Challenging Painting Project?

While there are many home renovation projects that offer the convenience of rolling up your sleeves and tackling the project yourself, there are times when the scope of work makes recruiting an expert a better option.  If you’re looking to refresh the look of the walls in your home or office that may be a small project which is easily conquered by a do-it-yourselfer, but not all surfaces that are in need of attention may be as easily addressed.

Calgary Painters

Doctor Re-Painting  has been helping Calgary and area with all of its residential and commercial painting needs.  From interior painting projects including walls, ceilings and wood painting to exterior painting and finishing projects such as decks, siding and fences, there isn’t a challenge that we can’t conquer.  We can even readily address some of the most challenging painting projects such floors and ceilings.

The Challenge with Floors

Surfaces like concrete may not respond well to paint primer as well as other surfaces.  In some cases, you’re left with a floor finish that is more likely to chip and peel easily under regular use.  Implementing a remedy can be time-consuming and costly, so it’s best to focus some expert attention on the project before you begin to ensure that it will be completed well the first time.  The result, a durable finish that will stand up to wear and tear.

Ceiling Solutions

It’s not just a matter of access that makes ceilings a challenge when it comes to painting and maintenance.  As a result, stucco finishes have become a popular remedy for a finished look with little need for routine refreshing.  Chipping and peeling of paint on ceilings can be caused by a number of factors.  The humidity in your home can affect the finish of your overhead paint, especially as heat rises and moisture becomes a damaging influence on your walls and finishes.  Improper installation of drywall can also contribute to an unattractive circumstance that requires remedy.  Another common problem that is encountered with ceilings is found in older homes where wall finishes may still be made of plaster.  At Doctor Re-Painting, our team has experience diagnosing and treating a variety of conditions that can exist in residential and commercial spaces and can identify the best solutions to ensure an effective outcome.

Garages and basements

Sometimes our garages and basements get overlooked as they are not the showcase spaces of our home where living and entertaining occurs.  However, finished walls will improve aesthetics, increase the value of your home and ensure a maintained feel which elevates to the comfort level of these areas of our homes.  Often not considered areas where your creativity and tastes have as large an influence, the work to address these painting projects can feel a little more tedious than other home improvement projects that you may choose to take on.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Whether your are refinishing your cabinets in Calgary or starting from scratch on a new home, or addressing needed maintenance and repair on problem areas in and around your home or business, the best painters in Calgary have the expertise to restore the look and feel of your space, and … we make house calls.

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