Benefits of an insulation upgrade

The obvious benefit of upgrading your insulation is to improve your home’s energy efficiency, but did you know about these other benefits? Read on:

Attic insulation upgrades have the best ROI

According to this cost vs. value report, an attic insulation upgrade has nearly a 108% return on investment. Because of the energy savings and the fact that it requires no maintenance once installed, you will actually make money on this home upgrade. Plus, when you spend $1,300 on blow-in attic insulation, based on a 1,050 sq. ft. attic space, you can expect to add $1,400 to the value of your home. According to that report, no other home renovation project compares to that ROI.

You can get a government rebate up to $3500!

Efficiency Alberta’s Home Improvement Rebate Program offers up to $3,500 in rebates for improving the insulation in your home, including the insulation in the attic. The rebate you are eligible for depends on where the insulation is installed, how much is added and the square footage of the upgrade.

Monthly energy savings.

Older insulation materials perform at much lower R-values than current building code requirements. That means the warm air, that you pay so much to produce in the home, is entering and escaping out of the attic. New, blow-in insulation from a reputable installer will have to-code R-value, providing the best thermal performance and ensured energy efficiency. You will start to notice your furnace is kicking in less and your natural gas bill going down.

Improve your home comfort.

In addition to adding energy efficiency, your home will be easier to heat and cool. This improved home comfort is of great value. You’ll always feel cozy and warm in the winter, and your new attic insulation and ventilation will play a big role in keeping the home cool and comfortable in the summer too. In addition to temperature, an insulation upgrade can also reduce noise transfer in your home, from the outside, and within the interior.

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