Boiler maintenance prevents failure and safety risks

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Boiler maintenance in Calgary

When dealing with any kind of metallic product, particularly those that are made from iron or steel – corrosion (at some point) is a guarantee. Although corrosion is a common issue for all boiler types, not all corrosion is created equal. Untreated water containing dissolved oxygen contaminants is often the cause of the malfunctioning of your boiler equipment. Which is all too familiar with DHL Mechanical of Calgary. No matter what kind of corrosion may occur, it’s important to take the necessary preventative steps to keep it from resulting in catastrophic failure.

Implement a regular service program

By partnering with a qualified boiler repair company in Calgary, Alberta, such as DHL Mechanical, they can find the right combination of treatment chemicals to remove any impurities that result in boiler corrosion. To maintain the target level of protective chemicals in your boiler water, you need to implement a regular service program with your DHL Mechanical boiler technician. This will ensure the boiler stays clean and free of scale and corrosion problems. A protective approach to preventative boiler maintenance is your best bet to extend the life of your boiler system. Regular service will detect cracks or damage to the heat exchanger, as well as protect your investment.

Catching boiler issues reduces safety risks

Some Calgary boiler repair issues can cause serious risks to your health and safety. A cracked or damaged heat exchanger in your boiler could release an unusual smell like formaldehyde throughout your home. This smell can cause headaches and other symptoms, such as watery eyes.

It also allows gases, including deadly carbon monoxide to leak into your home. Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can be fatal. Close to 500 Canadians have died between 2000-2019 due to unintentional exposure to poisonous carbon monoxide. Approximately 250 hospital visits were related to carbon monoxide poisoning. Of that – 14.3% of those carbon monoxide-related hospitalizations in Canada were people 65 years or older. If you smell anything unusual or suspect, there may be a problem with your boiler. Contact DHL Mechanical in Calgary to inspect your boiler equipment today!

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