Can I install spray foam insulation from the outside?

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Have you ever wondered if you could drill holes into you outer walls and insulate your house? The answer, unfortunately, is no. Calgary’s best insulation contractors understand that the thought of opening up all your drywall to upgrade your insulation is a big reason why many home owners don’t bother with it.  Learn how to insulate walls.

There have been a few products on the market that attempted to address this issue of not wanting to embark on a major renovation in order to upgrade insulation. Unfortunately, none of them have really done the job properly. They do not provide a good vapor barrier, which is usually the real issue why your insulation isn’t performing well. If you try one of these methods you might end up paying a hefty bill to an insulation contractor with minimal results in the end.

For more information read “Learning About Home Insulation“.

The good news is that spray foam insulation can be installed from the exterior of the home. In older homes that have a 2×4 framing assembly, this type of insulation can bring the wall R-value up to R-20. This can be done with as little as 3 and a 1/4 inch of closed cell spray foam insulation. This ability to upgrade your old low R-value insulation and create an air tight seal is a great solution for home owners who need to improve their energy efficiency and home comfort.

Improve your home’s efficiency and reduce energy costs with a spray foam insulation upgrade. Learn more about insulating your house.

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