Learning About Home Insulation

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We live in Canada.  Good insulation is a must!

Investing in new insulation in your attic or during renovations will make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and can decrease cooling and heating costs by up to 30%. Home insulation has come a long way over the years and efficiency has greatly improved. Summit Insulation in Edmonton shares some information about home insulation.

How does insulation work?

Insulation gives resistance to heat flow. In the winter this means that the cold air from outside stays outside and the warm air stays in. In the summer, a well insulated home will keep in the cool air. Since your heating and cooling system is working hard to keep a comfortable temperature in the home, having more effective insulation will mean less use from your furnace or air conditioner, decreasing your energy use and utility costs.

The effectiveness of insulation is determined by how it resists the movement of heat.  R values and RSI values are a way of labeling the effectiveness of insulating materials. The higher the R value the more resistance the material is against the movement of heat. Each provincial building code has its own R or RSI value for new construction; ensuring newer homes are performing at maximum efficiency.  In Alberta, Climate Change Central suggests your attic’s R value should be an R50.

Do I need to install new insulation?

If you own an older home and have never considered your insulation, you should take a peak in your attic. Chances are you’ve inherited older insulation and may find a few inches of wood chip or newspaper-like material. These older materials offer an R value of 4 to 8.  Since your R-Value should be at least 50, you should consider contacting Edmonton insulation contractors and installing new insulation.

If you’re finding it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature or your heating bill is constantly going up, you probably need new insulation. Insulation companies can inspect your home and attic and make suggestions on improving your home’s efficiency. You can also check the attic yourself.  If you have wood-chip or a thin layer of newspaper-type insulation, you should consider an upgrade.

If your current attic insulation is Zonolite or Vermiculite, these both contain asbestos and require removal immediately.  If you’re not sure what the material is, you should contact an insulation contractor.

Summit Insulation, Contractors in Edmonton

Summit Insulation Inc.  is a privately owned residential blow-in insulation installer serving Edmonton & surrounding areas.  They specializing in new home construction & existing home retrofits.

Summit Insulation’s founder has over 26 years’ experience in the construction industry.  Summit was founded in 2006 due his recognized, growing industry need for superior alternatives to traditional batt insulation installations.  With continually evolving building code requirements and demands for more “green” & energy efficient options for the home, Summit Insulation was born.

Whether you’re building a new home & installing blow-in insulation to your exterior walls  for maximum heat retention, between your interior floors & walls for sound proofing or retrofitting your existing home by topping up your attic insulation,  Summit Insulation Inc. is equipped to handle all your insulation needs.

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