Hiring an Excavation Contractor

If you’re doing an overhaul of your properties landscaping, need to clear away debris or develop a lot for building construction you will need to hire an excavation contractor.  Edmonton’s best excavation contractors offer many services including site grading and construction preparation, building demolition, septic tank installation, weeping tile installation, waterline repair, electrical trenching and many others.

Using large machinery, they are able to dig up or transport large and heavy materials like dirt, gravel, landscaping materials and construction materials.  Unless you have experience running heavy equipment, you should leave these kind of jobs to the professionals.

Excavator is working at the demolishing of an old building

Here are some benefits to hiring an excavation contractor:

They have all of the proper equipment required to do the job done right.  Even if you know your way around operating vehicles, you’d be surprised how long a job will take if you have never run an excavator before.  An excavator contractor will arrive, unload their equipment, do the job, clean up, load up and be on their way.

An excavator contractor will also know what to do regarding buried water, gas and electrical lines.  They will assist you with contacting the authorities to be sure to locate all buried utilities before the project begins.  Even smaller projects like planting a tree require a call to your local utility to ensure you won’t be hitting any lines.  Hitting a line could cause a lot of damage and in some cases, personal injury or death.

An excavation contractor can provide you with a detailed schedule and cost breakdown for the project including any outlining costs you might not have considered.  This will remove those surprise costs that often come with a DIY project.  It is a good idea to get a few quotes from a few different companies before making your decision.  Compare each estimate, ask the companies about their pricing, especially if you notice one is much higher or lower than the other.

Edmonton’s best excavation contractors are listed on RenovationFind.com.  These skilled contractors are committed to safety, quality work and customer satisfaction.


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