Choose Versetta Stone for your next exterior renovation

If you’re looking for great ways to add new value and curb appeal to your home, stone veneer is the way. However, natural stone veneer is expensive and not always within budget. That’s where Versetta Stone is such a great cost-effective alternative.

Easy installation

Typical stone veneer can be more difficult to install and can cost more as more labour and time are required. With Versetta Stone veneer it’s a type of material that comes with easy installation. The cement-based manufactured stone veneer is mounted on a panel and screwed onto the wall like any other siding. It offers all the beauty and appeal of the real deal without the mess, time, or cost.

Customizable look

Like natural stone, Versetta Stone comes in a range of customizable colours. With stone exteriors, you can either focus on a complimentary home colour or choose one that stands out. And, with Versetta Stone veneer, it’s easy to pair with your home, thanks to the range of available colours. Earthen colours are a great way to draw on any surrounding nature around your home. Lighter shades like greys or whites can add a pop to your home to boost that eye-catching curb appeal. Or, for a bolder look, black or a mix of dark browns and greys will add that striking stone touch to your home.

Timeless addition

Similar to natural stone, adding a stone veneer to your home is a timeless addition. Even while other home trends change or fade away, the stone is one addition that has always been popular. If you install stone veneer now to add appeal, it will do that and appeal to buyers down the road if you sell. Any other exterior renovation project you do will always compliment it. New landscaping, soffits and fascia or a new colour will all pair well with any stone addition.

Pair with new siding 

While you’re looking into adding stone veneer to your home, consider pairing the work with a second project. The great thing about exterior renovations is that most can be doubled up to enjoy double the benefits and transformation. In the case of veneer, consider also replacing your old siding. Doing so will add twice the value and fresh curb appeal to your home. You can also choose a new look for your home, either with a lighter siding or going bold for that darker, striking new look. 

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