Choosing a deck railing for your home

Deck railings have the ability to transform the look of a deck while also providing safety and security. Some of the railing options owners can choose include aluminum, glass, or metal. Each of these options has its positives, but it’s up to you to decide which works best.

Chephren Building Solutions in Calgary has twenty years of deck weather-proofing, vinyl decking and high-quality railing systems. With the various options they have, including custom railings, Alberta’s premier deck builder is sure to get you the best railing for your deck that you want. Here are some tips for choosing deck railings.

Aluminum railings

Going with an aluminum option for deck railings can be a cost-effective one. High-quality aluminum usually can withstand weather changes and last an extremely long time. Aluminum railings come in a range colours and styles. They are one of the more durable options to choose from while also requiring very little maintenance.

Glass panels

This could be the better option if there are children or pets in the home. Glass railing doesn’t have as many openings and space between posts compared to other railings. This makes them safer as children and pets can’t go through or get stuck in the railing gaps. Glass deck railings are a great option if your home has a nice view to enjoy. Your views will be nearly unobstructed by railings and banisters.

Metal railings

Choosing metal as a railing can help to add security around the deck area. It also gives a very striking look and can be a way of highlighting the features of your outdoor area. If your home is a more modern style with simple fixtures, a metal railing could be the most complimentary. Since they’re extremely durable and extremely low maintenance, they’re a great option for commercial properties as well.

Deck builders in Calgary

Chephren Building Solutions have extensive experience when it comes to constructing decks and railing systems. As professional deck builders and Duradek dealers, they offer high-quality waterproofing solutions for deck, balcony and flat roof applications. Whether you’re looking for a custom railing solution, or want to waterproof your deck, give them a call.

Contact Chephren Building Solutions for your deck and railing needs today.

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