Custom cabinet ideas for your kitchen

If you’re renovating the kitchen, consider installing custom cabinets. Custom cabinets give you creative freedom with your kitchen that you may not have had before. They are tailor-made to fit your kitchen space, giving you the necessary functionality or style you’re looking for. Custom cabinetry is the specialty of the workers at TTK Woodcraft in Calgary, and they have many ideas for how you can work custom cabinets into your kitchen renovation.

Color schemes

Custom cabinets come in numerous colours, making it easy for you to find exactly the color you’re looking for. This can be an opportunity to play around with colour. Colours on-trend include neutral greys, browns, whites, or blacks, but why not try a bold pop of colour? A common cabinet trend is doing the upper and lower cabinets in two different colors. Maybe you want to make a bold statement with bright upper cabinets and dark lowers, or use two different cool tones to make the space more welcoming. From natural finishes, stains, and a wide array of colour options, you can design a kitchen that you’ll love for years to come.

Some open, some not

Do you have too much clutter in your kitchen or something to showcase? With custom cabinets, you can conceal or reveal as much as you want. Want a cleaner look? Keep all of your cabinets closed and keeping everything safely tucked away. However, for a cozier kitchen feeling, allow some cabinets to be installed without doors. It can make the space feel larger since the eye travels to the back of the cabinet. It also gives you the opportunity to show off dishware and decor. Another common trend is to include built-in, open dishracks to hold things like plates or mugs.

Inside the cabinets

Going to the interior of the cabinets, custom cabinets can be made to function as you and your family need. For example, if you need more pantry space, custom pantries can be included with the cabinets, giving you different storage solutions. Other built-in options include wine racks, spice racks, and slide-out shelving. The addition of built-ins inside your cabinets increases organization, storage, and functionality.

Cabinets versus drawers

When it comes to lower cabinets, there’s the choice of your regular cabinets or drawers. Custom cabinets give you the freedom to do both. If you’re looking to break up the uniformity, adding drawers is the way to go. Not only will it look great, storing things in drawers allows for fast, easy access and effective organization.

Custom Cabinets in Calgary

TTK Woodcraft has the dedication you’re looking for in your kitchen renovation. They guarantee to make your vision of your dream kitchen become a reality. They have the creativity and the passion you’re looking for to get the job done.

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