Factors to Consider When Building a Garage

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There are many reasons to build a garage. You’ll enjoy having a protected place to park your vehicles, especially during the cold Alberta winters! Perhaps you are creating the perfect workshop, needing extra storage or want to build a loft or garage suite for additional living space or to earn some rental revenue. Whatever your reason, the pros at True North Exteriors in Edmonton share some factors to consider when building a garage.

Building Permits & Codes

When you build a garage, you will have to get a building permit from your local municipality. When you hire professional garage builders in Edmonton, they will usually obtain those permits for you. They will also ensure that your garage is built to code and zoning bylaws. For example, a garage has to be built a certain distance from the property line and will have to meet specific guidelines for grading, construction, electrical and other utilities.

The Garage’s Use

Are you simply wanting a garage to park your vehicles? Then a basic garage package would probably suit you fine, unless you plan on storing oversized vehicles like a motorhome or trailer. Are you building the garage as a work shop or hobby room? Think about if you’ll need work space or a workbench for completing your projects. Cabinetry, shelves and storage areas are all things to consider. Learn how to build a garage workbench.


How you plan on using the garage will determine if you need utilities in the garage like electricity, heating, cooling and/or plumbing.  If you’re using the garage as a workshop, you want to make sure you have the proper 220 volt outlets you might need for heavy-duty power tools. If you want the garage heated, choose between electric and natural gas heaters and be sure to insulate and finish the garage’s interior. If you’re building the garage yourself using a garage package, always hire a licensed electrician, gas-fitter and plumber to install these utility lines for you.

Storage Space

Use your garage to store garden supplies, tools, bikes, house hold items and other recreational equipment. Knowing what you will want to store in the garage will help you choose a floor plan that includes extra space for shelving and cabinetry. You might also want to build a loft for storage for things you don’t need as often like Christmas decorations and other seasonal items.

Hire a Garage Builder or DIY?

From single door garages to garages with a liveable loft, garage builders in Edmonton offer garage packages for handy do-it-yourselfers. First, you will have to excavate and prepare the land where your garage will be built. Then purchase concrete and have concrete contractors install a garage pad and extension to your driveway. Once that is done you can purchase construct these packages and build the garage yourself.

Keep in mind that you will have to have the time and tools to do this and, if you’re doing it on weekends, it could take a long time. You will also have to hire trades to install electrical, gas and plumbing if you are planning on including those utilities in your garage build. Leave it to the pros and save yourself the headache and time. You can have a brand new garage in less than a week, so you can start using and enjoying it sooner.

Garage Builders in Edmonton

True North Exteriors have professional and experienced in-house formed crews that will perform outstanding work for your next house project. From a new roof, new windows, eavestroughs, siding, deck or even a new garage, they provide top-notch work and exceptional customer services.

Are you ready to build your new garage? Contact True North Exteriors.

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