Have peace of mind with regular furnace maintenance

During the long winters in Alberta, we rely on our heating system. Without it, our pipes would freeze, and our homes would drop to uncomfortable and even dangerous temperatures. The last thing you want is to lose heat in the middle of the winter, or worse, the middle of the night. That is why keeping up on regular furnace maintenance is important.

Distinct Heating & Cooling Ltd. in Calgary offers some furnace maintenance advice:

Schedule an annual inspection. 

Distinct Heating & Cooling offers full furnace maintenance services. Scheduling an annual inspection will ensure any issues are found before they leave you out in the cold. They offer a 30-point home heating performance tune-up, which means you’ll have peace of mind knowing your furnace is running properly, safely and efficiently.

If they find something wrong, they can service it and offer furnace repair to anything that needs it. They can help by making adjustments, cleaning or replacing parts and even giving you tips on how to improve the performance of your heating system. If you don’t catch those small issues early, they can turn into big expensive repairs or even a furnace replacement.

Change your furnace filter regularly.

Changing your furnace filter is something you can do yourself. Depending upon the air filtration system you have, 1” filters should be changed every 2 to 3 months and 5” filters  should be checked every 6 months and changed at least once each year.  If you are unsure about your specific air filtration system, call the office at Distinct and they would be happy to help you.

The filter is used to keep dust and debris out of your HVAC system. It ensures healthy air quality, keeps your HVAC system clean and can extend its lifespan too. A clogged and dirty filter that is not doing its job can cause strain on the entire system, overheating and even break downs. It will also reduce your HVAC systems energy efficiency. Read more about air filtration. 

Check your ducts and vents. 

This is also something you can DIY. Give your furnace ducts a good visual inspection, looking for any disconnected sections. Look for leaks in the seals and repair them with duct sealant. You can get that at any building supply store. If you’re not sure how to do this, reach out to Distinct Heating & Cooling for help.

You should also make sure that all your vents and registers are free of obstruction. Make sure they’re all open so you don’t disrupt even air flow. If it’s been a while, consider getting your vents and ducts cleaned this year.

HVAC Companies in Calgary

Stemming from decades of collective experience, Distinct Heating & Cooling’s team of service experts has learned the best ways to assist Calgary-area homeowners. The result is consistently reliable, top-tier service quality and unbeatable customer satisfaction.

If you need furnace or air conditioning maintenance, contact Distinct Heating & Cooling today!


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