Hiring a professional to replace your roof

Roof replacement is one of the bigger jobs to keep in mind when owning a home. While a full roof replacement only takes place every 15 to 20 plus years, it’s important that the job is done right. Improper installation can lead to leaks, moisture, and damage occurring to your home.

It’s important to hire a reliable company when undertaking any sort of home improvement. City Boss Residential Roofing is a reliable and respected company in Calgary with experience in residential roofing. They share information about the process of getting your roof replaced:

Inspect the roof for signs it needs replacing

There are several signs that your roof needs replacing. Inspect your shingles to see if any are cracking, curling, or missing. You can also check in your gutters and around your home for granules. Shingles shed their granules over time and that diminishes their ability to protect the roof properly. If your roof is decades old, or you don’t know the last time it was replaced, it might be nearing the end of its life.

Obviously, if you have noticed leaks or damage, it’s time to get a roofing contractor in there to take a look right away. Leaving it will only make the damage worse and more costly to repair. Check out these signs your roof is failing.

Tips for choosing new shingles

When choosing new asphalt shingles, you should about a new roof matching your home’s style. There are several colour options available and City Boss Roofing can show you options for different types and styles of shingles. The colour and style of your roof make up a major part of your home’s facade. Choosing shingles that best showcase your home will boost curb appeal and property value.

Hiring a professional roofing company

Replacing a roof is a big job, and it’s not one to be taken lightly. Things can go wrong with a DIY job, like leaks or improperly installed accessories. Vents and gutters are affected whenever a roof is replaced, and these can become weak points in your roofing system if not handled properly. Plus, getting up on the roof can be a dangerous job if you don’t know what you’re doing. Professional roofers have the safety training, equipment, tools, and experience to complete the project correctly and safely. Always hire a professional like City Boss Roofing when replacing the roof on your home.

Roofers in Calgary

City Boss Residential Roofing is one of Calgary, Alberta’s most reliable and respected roofing companies. They continuously strive to provide a high level of value and customer service to our clients throughout Calgary and surrounding areas. They’ll be completely transparent in quoting, show you all your options for your new roof, provide solid warranties, and ensure the job is done right.

Contact City Boss Roofing today.

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