How a fence can provide privacy for your yard and deck

Adding a new fence, or just replacing an old one, can transform your curb appeal and outdoor space. A well-built fence around the perimeter of your property will provide security and privacy while increasing resale value.

First Class Fencing in Calgary is a professional fence contracting company that also offers deck building. They share the benefits of building a privacy fence for both your yard and how you can add privacy to your deck too:

What is a privacy fence?

A privacy fence is a style of fence design that helps provide even more seclusion to a backyard. The fences themselves must be both solid and at least 6 feet tall, to be classified as such. Two of the more popular choices for these fences are either vinyl or wood. Not only is wood very durable, but it’s one of the most affordable options, though some maintenance is required. It can also be painted or stained in any shade, so it’s easily customized to any backyard. Vinyl as well is both incredibly strong and very low maintenance.

Benefits of a privacy fence

Beyond just the obvious privacy benefits of this fence, there are also other advantages. Fences naturally act as sound barriers, helping keep outside noises to a minimum in your yard. They also offer protection, both from people and the elements. Tall privacy fences help deter both animals and people from coming uninvited into your yard. As for the elements, the height can protect your yard from the wind too. With the right paint colour or stain, privacy fences will also act as decoration for your yard and home. A new fence can improve curb appeal and resale value.

What is a privacy wall for a deck?

Privacy fences also aren’t just limited to backyards; they make great additions for decks. Just because you have a deck, doesn’t mean it has to be exposed and open for anyone to see. Your deck should be an oasis where you can either relax or enjoy time entertaining friends and family. On a deck, a privacy wall can be a solid fence, lattice or even a shade depending on what you want. If you’re looking into your neighbour’s yard when you’re on the deck or vise versa, you might want to consider this. Need some ideas? Take a look at these design worthy privacy fences for your deck or patio.

Adding a privacy wall to a deck also allows for more creative freedom in its design. This can mean, for example, incorporating a lattice pattern on top for a bit of decoration and character. You can add growing vines to create a natural look and a splash of colour on the deck. If paired with a pergola or canopy, it’ll provide added shade or let you sit outside even if it’s raining.

Best of all, since fences and decks are both highly popular with buyers, you’ll get even more value and return should you decide to sell. If First Class Fencing is designing your deck, as them about how they can include a privacy shade or wall to keep your outdoor space your own.

Fencing Contractor in Calgary and Deck Builder in Calgary

As a locally owned and operated fencing company, First Class Fencing prides themselves on giving quality service to their customers. They strive to exceed expectations in any job so that your exact needs and wants are always met. First Class Fencing offers fencing for residential, commercial and agricultural needs. They also offer a wide range of quality materials and designs.

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