How open-book contracts benefit homeowners

If you’re embarking on a major renovation, professional general contractors the necessary knowledge and skills to get the job done. However, when it comes to proposals and contracts, it can get confusing and feel stressful. Rouse Projects in Calgary prides itself on their transparency when it comes to contracts, and believe it makes the process run smoother. Here is what you need to know about open-book contracts, and how it benefits homeowners.

Transparency is always better

An open-book contract lays everything out between the contractor and the homeowner. It states different things like the budget, materials, and the project’s schedule. The contract can be used to display any additional costs that may arrive during the renovation. There are no secrets or surprises on either end, for the contractor or the homeowner. An open-book contract keeps everyone informed with the same information, and lets each party know if there are any changes that need to be made.

You have an accurate project timeframe

One way that renovation costs often increase is when projects run behind schedule. This means extra labour costs and more time that your home is under construction. With an open-book contract, you won’t have to worry about that. A big feature of the contract is the schedule. Working alongside the contractor, everything will be accurately laid out. You’ll know when to expect permits, what part of the renovation is happening on which day, and how much time it’s expected to take. Having this timeframe set out before beginning on the project will improve the accuracy of the project’s timeframe, and ensure that construction happens at the right point in time.

Open communication makes changes easier

Closed-book contracts are set in stone once they are created. An open-book contract can be changed throughout the project. This ability for changes to be made makes for better communication between homeowner and contractor. It also makes those changes happen with fewer headaches. When the contract is initially created, you may have questions later on, or what to make changes in the design or budget. A contractor will be able to address these, as well as give you an honest budget of what different components will cost.

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Rouse Projects is dedicated to working with clients who want to create a unique space for their new home, renovation, or commercial space – all within budget and schedule. They prioritize transparency and communication with clients, emphasizing each project’s uniqueness. Homeowners appreciate their detailed and efficient electronic proposal system. Any project big or small, they are there to help!

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