How to choose material for home exteriors

The type of material you choose for your home’s exterior will need to depend on various things. And the material you choose will significantly impact the look and value of your home’s exterior. Essentially, this will be the first part of your house that you and visitors (or even passers-by) notice.

Additionally, your house’s exterior material is the home’s first level of defence against Calgary’s unpredictable weather. So, there is no doubt that material choice, the installation process, and who you choose for the job are all important decisions.

Prism Exteriors Renos & Contracting in Calgary have a team with a combined 70 years of experience in siding and exterior projects. They understand the value of choosing the suitable material for your home’s exterior and offer guidance on starting the renovation process and completing this first step.

Siding and home exteriors can come in a wide range of materials, each of which carries its own pros and cons in a home renovation.


You can opt for two different types of stone siding. First is real, authentic stone. This is an expensive choice but can be used in smaller portions for beautiful exterior accents. Rather than cover your house in stone, you can side areas like columns or around the windows. There is an even more cost-effective stone method, which involves a synthetic veneer stone. Both products are durable and long-lasting. And stone is a wonderful insulator for Calgary winters.

Fibre cement

Fibre cement is an excellent exterior option if you want a material installed on your house that can withstand a harsh winter or other weather. Prism Exteriors can install fibre cement siding on any Calgary home and provide proper winter weather protection. And unlike natural stone, fibre cement can be customized with colour choices and finish preferences.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is a classic siding choice for good reason. The plastic form of exterior home siding can be incredibly durable and cost-effective and gives you a choice as a homeowner. In addition, vinyl siding comes in a vast range of colours. And Prism Exteriors can help get this durable form of home exterior installed professionally and promptly.

Exterior Renovations in Calgary

These are the common types of exterior finishes you will see in Calgary. Prism Exteriors Renos & Contracting can help you pick the suitable material for your home and other outdoor work. They have completed professional and quality work for complete exterior restorations and small projects like fixes and partial exterior updates.

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