How to find a qualified tile installer

Some home improvement projects just aren’t made to be DIY, especially tile installation. Finding a qualified tile installer will guarantee a straight installation that is properly sealed and will last for years to come. Knowing what to look for in a qualified tile contractor is a vital first step.

Moar Tile Inc. in Edmonton offers premium stone and tile installation services. They share what you should look for in a qualified tile flooring contractor and tile installer.

Start with qualifications

Like any contractor, start by looking at the contractor’s qualifications you are considering. Aside from having a business license, insurance, and training, capability also means knowing their materials. They should have extensive knowledge of tile products, grout, and supplies to ensure the job is done right. In addition, this experience and expertise will help you make educated decisions for your home project.

Take the time to talk with your contractor and ask them questions about the project and their experience. For example, qualified contractor will always check if the surface is clean, smooth, and ready to install before laying anything down. A dirty floor is a quick way to ruin perfect tile flooring.

Check reviews and portfolio’s

Take a look at any online photos of past projects to get an idea of the quality of work. Not only can you check that those tile lines are even and straight, but you can also get some inspiration for your renovation. It’s also a chance to ask about the project and what work or considerations were involved.

References from past clients will reveal even more about how the contractor acted on the job. Also, they can share insight on the experience, service, and satisfaction with the results. Moar Tile, for example, has no callbacks from unhappy clients or tiling jobs that didn’t last. That shows they are dedicated to their work and craft and guaranteed quality results.

Range of services

While a tile contractor who is an expert at one type of tiling is great, look for a contractor who has comprehensive experience on all-things-tile. Moar Tile works with everything from ceramic, marble, slate, faux wood, granite, quartzite, and much more. Their services range from backsplash installation, tile flooring, fireplaces, stone veneer, tile wall panels, heated flooring, and more.

The benefit of a range of services provides you with more design options and ensures their knowledge and expertise are extensive. They can help you choose the perfect tile for the job and have the experience to handle the installation. Whether you want tiles for the floor, walls, or the bathroom versus the kitchen, their contractors can help. They’ll ensure you get the right tile for your needs and budget so that every project is done entirely to your satisfaction.

Tile Floor Installer in Edmonton

Moar Tile Inc. prides itself on being your go-to choice for your tile installation needs. Years of experience and education in the tile and construction industry qualify them to work on your project. No matter how big or small the job or how much guidance you need or not, they tailor every service to your exact needs. When you hire Moar Tile, you’ll get the results you were dreaming of with a beautiful, professional, and flawless tile installation.

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