How to reduce strain on your air conditioner this summer

As temperatures rise and summer sets in, your air conditioner will become essential in keeping your home cool and comfortable. However, running your AC constantly can strain the system, which leads to sky-high energy bills and potential breakdowns.

BlackJack HVAC Ltd. in Kelowna is a full-service HVAC company that offers a range of services to improve home comfort and energy efficiency. In this article, they share ways to reduce strain on your air conditioner this summer so your home stays cool without breaking the bank.

Set a programmable thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat is a great ally in reducing the energy used by your cooling system. You can program it to raise the temperature a few degrees while you’re away or during nighttime. Even a few degrees will reduce the workload on your air conditioner and lead to surprising energy and cost savings. Consider investing in a smart thermostat for even greater control and energy efficiency. Read more tips for setting your thermostat in the summer.

Keep your doors and windows shut

You’d be surprised how much heat can get in with an open door or window! Ensure all doors and windows are properly sealed and closed when your air conditioner is running. This prevents cool air from escaping and warm air from entering and allows your AC to reach and maintain the desired temperature. In addition, highly efficient windows, window coverings, and weatherstripping can help too.

But open a window when the outside temperature cools!

Take advantage of cooler outdoor temperatures during the evenings and early mornings by opening windows. This natural ventilation cools your home and reduces the need for continuous AC usage. That cool evening breeze can give your air conditioner a break. Just be sure to close windows and window coverings once the outdoor temperatures rise again.

Keep your air conditioner is clean

Regular air conditioner maintenance and cleaning are crucial to its performance and efficiency. Keep the outdoor unit free from debris, such as leaves, grass clippings, and dirt. These items can obstruct airflow. Additionally, regularly replace air filters to ensure proper airflow and minimize strain on the system. Your filter should be changed every three months or according to your manufacturer’s instructions. It’s also a good idea to start the cooling season with a fresh filter.

Schedule professional air conditioner service

Regular air conditioner maintenance is essential in reducing strain and ensuring optimal performance. A qualified HVAC technician has the expertise to inspect, clean, and tune up your AC unit. Moreover, they can find any potential issues and make repairs before they escalate into costly repairs or breakdowns.

A professional HVAC service includes tasks like checking refrigerant levels, cleaning condenser coils, lubricating moving parts, and testing electrical connections. By having your air conditioner serviced by BlackJack HVAC Ltd., you can rest assured that your system is in top shape, operating efficiently, and ready to handle the demands of summer heat.

Air Conditioning in Kelowna

BlackJack HVAC Ltd. is a locally-operated HVAC company that offers a range of mechanical services, including air conditioner maintenance and installations. They understand how hot it can get in the Okanagan and can help you keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape this summer season. In addition, they offer high-quality HVAC products if it is time for an air conditioner or furnace replacement. Taking care of your HVAC equipment increases energy efficiency, helps create a greener future, and puts more money back in your pocket.

Need a service or installation? Contact BlackJack HVAC Ltd!

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