Is it time for an furnace replacement?

New furnace installation by Cross Country Mechnical

If your Edmonton HVAC system is having trouble heating your home, making loud noises or you’ve noticed a spike in your heating bills, it might be time for a furnace replacement. Reputable furnace companies like Cross Country Mechanical can offer both HVAC upgrades and full replacements that will improve the efficiency, safety and comfort of your home.

Here are some tell-tale signs it’s time for an HVAC system replacement:

Your furnace is more than 15 years old.

Older furnaces are not nearly as energy efficient as the most recent high efficiency furnace models. Replace your old furnace with an ENERGY STAR certified furnace which uses about 6% less energy than a conventional furnace. Learn more about ENERGY STAR heating appliances here.

You are needing frequent furnace repair.

If your furnace keeps breaking down, repeatedly, it’s likely due for a replacement. Instead of paying for endless furnace repair bills, invest in a high-quality heating system that will provide perfect home comfort without the headache and expense of constant repairs.

Your energy bills are going up.

If you’ve noticed that your heating bills are creeping up, it could mean your furnace isn’t doing its job. Check other things like your attic’s insulation and ventilation system and broken or drafty windows. If those things seem okay, it’s time to start investigating a new furnace in Edmonton.

There are loud noises coming from the furnace.

If your furnace is making loud rattling, whistling or banging noises when it turns on, it could be a number of issues. Rattling could mean there are loose parts or ducts or that the motor bearings are worn out causing excessive noise. If it’s banging when it comes on, it could be flexing when the pressure changes or a gas ignition problem. Either way, you should call an Edmonton HVAC company to inspect, repair or replace the furnace for you.

The furnace has stopped working.

If the furnace has stopped working entirely, you need to call Cross Country Mechanical to remedy the situation for you. They will tell you if it’s worth repairing, but in many cases an older furnace that has needed constant repairs or has completely stopped working isn’t worth the cost of repairs.

Need a new furnace? Contact Edmonton HVAC companies like Cross Country Mechanical!


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